Review “Raven’s Wire” and Interview, poet Matt Pasca


MattMatt Pasca, an American poet, teacher and speaker, is someone to watch. On February 27, his second poetry collection, Raven Wire (Shanti Arts Publishing) will launch at Bay Shore, Long Island, New York.  For those living in that area, the details are HERE.


Two of Matt’s poems are featured in the January issue of The BeZine. His work is refined, ambitious and precise. It exposes an intimacy with mythology, history, music and literature as well as a keen eye and ear for the complexities and pains of our post-modern times.

Matt demonstrates a sensitivity to the moral responsibilities of the artist and all human beings and an appreciation of social insults and human frailty that is intelligent and compassionate and able to be transformed by beauty. His work is not trite or cheapened by sensationalism or voyeurism. It invites one to read and reread to fully appreciate it.

The name of the book is a reference to the Norse god…

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