SAVE THE DATE: THE NEXUS CAFE™ ~ In conversation with Natasha Head about online poetry connections and community



logoJoin us for a chat about online poetry connections and community … and THE POET BY DAY: for everyone who eats, sleeps and breathes poetry and wishes poetry was their day job …

On 28 February 2016, Sunday, at 2:00 p.m. ET

3 p.m. AT – 1 p.m. CT – 12 p.m. MT – 11 p.m. PT

THE POET BY DAY is in the process of reinvention, transitioning to an information hub on all things poesy with special – but not exclusive – light on:

  • global poetry initiatives for peace, sustainability and social justice
  • she-poets
  • minority poets
  • poets just finding their voices in maturity

The complete Mission for The Poet by Day is in the blogroll to your left.

My thanks to Natasha Head (Tashtoo Parlour) and Roger Allen Baut (Chasing Tao) for the opportunity talk about community building and what this particular site has to offer you.


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