Tips & Tricks ~ The 3 Panel Brochure

KimNat Print

Who said print is dead? These popular tri-fold panel brochures are very user friendly once designed. They fit easily into envelopes, display racks, and show nicely on information boards. Whether it’s a service or product you’re pitching, these affordable flyers can do wonders with a well thought delivery and professional looks.  Here are a few tips to help you design your own

  1. Set your margins correctly. This is the space you have to use. Proper setting of the margins will ensure you use it wisely.
  2. Use a template. You can find a variety of templates available online for download, or perhaps your local print shop can provide you one. 😉
  3. Organize your information BEFORE you start designing. Be sure to use content that works effectively with the medium. The tri-fold panel brochure is very well suited to lists and columns. Think bullets and swift delivery of information.
  4. Use a mock-up…

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