The End of Nights Part I

The Midnight Writer

I published a poem in my collection Inhale the Night called Dark Knowledge. It’s about a lost woman named Leanne who finds herself in several relationships after a debilitating accident. She loves a man named Gene but can’t bring herself to end it with her other suitors. This is a continuation of her story in a weekly serial, The End of Nights.

The End of Nights

15572502207_59e46868f7_z Image Source: Flickr

The slip into Dark Knowledge
Left her cold hands seeking
Warmth but Gene had gone
Away – she was distant,
Damaged goods ruined
For the taste of every day

Take the highway to the
End of the night, the Doors
Played on the radio and
She obliged.

The road was much
Better as a man,
Leanne surmised: consistent
With its turns, but dangerous
With speed, exhilarating her
When wet in ways Gene
Failed to understand.

He was happy with his

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