Birthing Inadequacy‏ by @Tashtoo #Poetry

Helle Gade

Birthing Inadequacy‏ by Natasha Head
In a world where inadequacy is the new norm, Natasha Head opens the door to the struggles so many women face and the many masks they must wear to juggle the roles they’ve been conditioned to believe are their own. Daughter, wife, mother, provider. Is it any wonder our own daughters are feeling the struggle? In a collection any reader will relate to, Ms. Head gives us truth, uncertainty, and hope; for ourselves, for our daughters, for a world ready to accept our inadequacies as the beautiful, colorful, human works of art we are.
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BIO: Natasha Head
A Pushcart Prize nominated author, Birthing Inadequacy is Natasha Head’s third published collection and first self-published work. Natasha is an associate member of The League of Canadian Poets. Her work has appeared in numerous anthologies and in many print and online journals, and…

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