Two Poems by Natasha Head

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oddball magazine


A little girl,
Dressed in her finest,
Stands alone against the brick wall
Children surround her,
But none reach out.
Her Charlie Brown lunchbox
Bangs against her belly
As she watches them play,
Friends from before.
She is happy to watch,
Years later
She will have no memory
Of this day.
Still, it will find itself implanted
Through the voice of a mother
Who speaks of fear and tears,
Driving by the school yard
To see if she can see her little one.
She learns that friends are important.
She learns that if she can have enough
They won’t pay as close attention.
She makes it her mission.
She doesn’t want her mom to cry.




Did my shadow darken your doorway
as you slept with one eye open?
Your little brain, pitter-pattering its way
through to dawn
when relief comes in having to face

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