Poems by Natasha Head / poetry by natasha head

Nectar of Perception

Life happens, out of the corner of your eye.
Melting and slipping
oozing and dripping
blending from there to now.

Staking claim to memory banks
before you can even pause to consider
whether or not an event is worth remembering
Flashback, heart attack
outlined in pink and green
a trailing stream

Broken promises
Bursting orgasms
Bleeding hearts
Painful art

Failed dreams
Birth, growth, death
Choking, stress, breath

Road blocks and speed traps
Seeking to ascend all that

The desire to go beyond what I have accepted till now
The belief that my life must stop if theirs is to start
Colliding in this stormy sea of pure potentiality
Where we can die…or we can dream

They say the mind is a terrible thing to waste
I guarantee you’ll be addicted to my taste
My nectar the key
to altering your perception.


3 thoughts on “Nectar of Perception

  1. My nectar the key
    to altering your perception…
    That word, nectar, always strikes me as being like the apple in the garden of eden, forbidden but passionately desired. This whole write has that edgy feel, sticky, and dripping something that you just want to take a taste of.

  2. so much of life will stay in that corner if ya don’t go get it… if not, it’ll roll down like a tear. ugh I really dug that opening and this sounds amazing read aloud!

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