I laugh at the way the world sees me
This perception that seems drawn instantly
the moment I dare to risk connection

It seems fact and fiction
only serves to prove what they want to see

Like the good books and their simple wisdom
they seem dead set on complicating
what is a very simple soul

Naive, scarred
having kept myself so close to the nest
it has become much more like a web

Sticky and complicated
trapped by my own misguided perception
Content to let them believe what they want

As I busy myself tearing away
these silky, gossamer threads
of the trap I perceived as security

Perhaps I am like you think
Really, who’s to say
until I’ve allowed myself
to become completely unspun.


One thought on “Unspun

  1. Our perception of ourselves vs “theirs”, so intriguing. Interesting as well how caught we can become in who we are and how challenged that can be by another’s interpretation. I love the idea of casting off the web at the end and exposing it all. I love this piece.

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