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She arrives, as per the instructions.
Night has stolen the city. Out of her element.
Digital dash glow
Awash in green. No tick tock
As she counts the seconds
Waiting for the hands to turn.

They had vowed never to cross this line
Together, they had made the promise
And for so many years it was kept.
Her heart pounding against her chest
There is so much she does not want to see.

As per the instructions, she kills her headlights
Cementing the wet October blackness.
A garage door rises silently.
He was watching.
Already hungry. He had insisted.
Too long, too long
A game turned to hunt turned to need
And she could no longer deny her own.

Safe inside, but still so dark.
Her breath is nervous as she steps from the car.
She wants to call his name,
But has agreed to play by his rules.

Her stilettoes dance on the concrete
A reminder of just how little else he has requested.
To the letter
Every detail outlined
Red lips
Red nails
Hair down

She turns to grab the overnight bag
Toys he could never keep at home
And his scent overwhelms her.

Hand fisted in her hair
Pulled back
Teeth against her neck
Breath hot

She bites her tongue
As a moan escapes her.
As per the instructions
She will have no voice.

He is rock hard and ready
No teasing required
As he drives himself against her

Forced roughly
Face to still warm hood
His hand growing tighter round her neck
As she takes his months of waiting
His frustration
His will


Until finally she begs release
Knowing her punishment
Will fit the crime.


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