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I welcome the blanket of security I find in the dark.

I’ve run from light for as long as I can remember.

Give me the beach under the silver gauze of moonlight any day.

The waves sound different when they crash over your toes under a starlit, black eye sky.

There is a hallow echo to their surrender. Like the last rumble of a dying heart.

I answer the call, without even realizing

Hypnotized by texture and tone

mind playing tricks on me as pink and green dance on the silver sea foam

The ghost spirits of dancing lupins sway

Their stench, their supposed perfume

so much like the sickening sweet waves that come with decay

as spirited life leaves its vessel behind to rot and return to the earth

much like the high tide under darkened sky

pulls out and rolls under

these torturous memories that seek to sap my strength

I will remain strong, though I know how desperately you wish I would stop

See the light

come to a reason that I have never been able to make sense of

I could just be here, lay down

become one with the gray of the sand

return to the earth, poisoned by sweetness

and disappear into the inky black

of an invisible horizon.


One thought on “Undertow

  1. I love the portrait of the ocean at night (have been there),love the need and vulnerability (been there),,,really enjoyed this poem. Your language moves me.

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