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Room of Possibility

I imagine it all coming to pass. Visions perfected, somewhere between sleep and waking, when even my monsters have succumbed to slumber.

It wakes me up in all those places of my self that have long been forgotten. Heart…happy. Mind…happy. How strange to have the faces on both sides of the looking glass smiling. Contentment…above and below.

So much talk of madness…I know. But I do believe in magic. I like to think, in this strange and exciting place, that feeling that I’ve so often imagined…that happiness…might actually step from the realm of potential to the room of possibility.

In that room…there are no rules. Walls fall down. Time is not relevant. Distance is recognized as the illusion it is. Connection is the truth, entanglement the theory. My faith for once strong. My world, for once right.


One thought on “Room of Possibility

  1. “from the realm of potential to the room of possibility.”
    Oh, that one is on the “I wish I’d written that” list.
    There is a lot of light in this room~ I might need to come visit for a while…

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