I Sold My Soul (to an A-hole)

I do hope there is such a thing as reincarnation.  Not sure what kind of karma I’m paying, but this trip round has been a tough one. Whiny? Perhaps, considering all the many and varied blessings I have in my life, which, believe it or not, I do send out thanks for daily.

But what of this messed up mind? In my efforts to enjoy a peaceful existence, I seem to be magnetized to selfish, assholes. A wannabe poet caught up in the world of real estate sales. Perhaps, like me, you simply regard it as an industry prone to assholes. I concur. Can’t argue it in the least…but! Does that mean I have to turn into the smelly orifice too?  I don’t want to do that.

Like the world in general, common sense goes out the back door when people start talking about money.  The buyer who offers $50,000 under asking. (Asshole) The seller…who lists $50,000 over market value then proceeds to harass the shit out of you on a daily basis because no one’s looking. (Asshole)

The lawyer whose paid by the hour and by the letter who refuses to let up on the fight because he sees it as a cash cow. (Yup…you guessed it…Asshole)

The appraiser who’s suffering PMS and brings the house value in 3000.00 shy of the value you need to get the deal done. (Score…another Asshole)

So…now that I’ve got that off my chest….I can move on.

Thanks for reading!

With love,



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