100WordSong ~ Little Red Ford Truck

Throwing it down fast and furious for this weeks 100 Words song challenge over at My Blog can Beat Up Your Blog.  The week has been a wicked one, and I’m running out of time! Forgive me if this one doesn’t resonate like some of the others…but I seriously did not want to miss posting.

We’re writing to This Too Shall Pass by OK GO, chosen by last weeks winning word weaver, Mel…so fitting, because I took the song title and applied it to this write…it is simply a case of listen, watch, OK….GO!


The old red Ford was referred to as the kill switch. The Start, setting a corresponding chain of events into motion that would ultimately see it finish as it had begun.

He had never intended for the body to end up in the road side, nor had he intended for anyone to find it.  Sometimes, when the dominoes start falling and destiny takes over, you never know where you’re going to end up.

Behind bars now, the once white tee a shocking red, sticking to him like the lead paint on the toy he had to have.

License and registration? Covered.

There you have it…100 words…feel free to fill in the blanks and come play along…the new tune launches tomorrow!


My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

One thought on “100WordSong ~ Little Red Ford Truck

  1. I was worried you’d forsaken Leeroy.

    I like the metaphor and the way red is a character. Your writing is always amazing.

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