“Sacrifice? You bitch! Don’t you talk to ME about sacrifice!” He pulled her roughly from the stained and drying sheets. She ran from him, naked, helpless, as he tore through the room. “I work my god damn ass off, and this is what I come home to!”

The bed flew up against the wall. He didn’t know his own strength.  She slid down into the corner, comforted by the cool wall, her bare back no longer exposed.

“Where the fuck is it, you whore?”

She pointed a shaking finger to the bedside table where the bills were waiting for him.

When we go dark, we go dark…and when Frelle chose Within Me by Lacuna Coil as this weeks song for the 100Word Song challenge over at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog…I had no where left to go…so rather than sad and emo, I chose effed up…it is what it is 100 words exactly 😉  Now you must come play…I compel you! Just click on Leeroy…he’ll show you the way!

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

9 thoughts on “Sacrifice

  1. I like how some of you are exploring the abhorrent darkness in failed relationships. There’s hell in there…i know.

    well friggin done, Tasha. Love it

  2. I liked it, seemed more like flash fiction to me. In response to your post before this I am not the same way. I have no qualms about promoting myself.

  3. I love the details you chose like being comforted by the cool wall. So intense. Intense enough to bring out my own fear. Well done!

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