Helping Those Who Help Themselves? Rethinking ME

I don’t know about you, but I would rather share the good work of someone else, than my own.  Each time I am forced to promote my own work, my stomach suddenly turns to a rock, and I basically feel like an idiot.  I usually attempt some form of smart-ass comment to lesson the harassment on my followers and friends.

I have to laugh, actually…out of my 3,000 plus followers, 99% of them love to retweet and share my posts about them and their good work, but seldom are they compelled to share mine.  I am basically left thinking I suck…(welcome to my first chapter in my self-esteem issues…needing someone else to convince me I’m worthy…how lame is that!)

Of the 10-15 real life folks of who I really connected with, we’ve an awesome system that allows us to share each other with the world, and as my time gets eaten up by sincere relationships, friendships, and kindred spirits…not to mention THEIR amazing talent, you will start to see the amount of folks I share for declining.  Call me crazy, but I think it’s much more important to support those folks that support you, and this is where I have to put my focus.

I’ve seen how many seeds have sprouted from my year-long growing season…and as the time approaches for harvest, like most good farmers, I will be keeping the best of the bunch, and returning the runts to the soil where they can bask in manure and think about how many others they can take advantage of.

That’s all for today!


17 thoughts on “Helping Those Who Help Themselves? Rethinking ME

  1. Aaah I know the fresh scent of fragile self esteem too well myself! Sharing my work with other people has been a real blessing though and thanks to people like you I am growing in confidence (blurgh, even admitting to being more confident makes me feel that I sound like an egotistical idiot!) You are making more of a difference than you realise… And I for one thank you for your talent which makes me want to be better. MFeel free to chew over my compliment to you and retort with something sassy and smart ass. I can take it, I know all about deflection!

    • No smart ass comments from me on that, Vanessa…from day ONE of tweeting with you, I knew you as a worthy connection…Our meeting may have been recent, but you’re already in my list of keepers!

      • well now I’m going to have to come up with something…. Err, ok, I’ve got it. Perhaps you mean the list of keepers who need locking up.. Nope that’s not deflecting enough… Aargh am all embarrassed and awkward and have lost all power to deflect.Ok, I’ll had to just take your kindness on the chin xx

  2. I know exactly how you feel.. with titsp I have tons of submissions by some fairly known writers and I’ll be lucky if I even get a thank you.. guess what, from now on I am only supporting those writers who support what we do..Yes, time for us to stand firm 🙂

    • TOGETHER…we are unbeatable! ALONE…we are egotistical…Lynne, your Take It To The Street mission is amazing. I think what you are doing is brilliant, and its needed more than ever! Anyone who reads this post and hasn’t visited Lynne and Take It To The Streets, is missing a true champion of word weavers the world over…and word readers who may not otherwise be able to reach out to poetry, art, and so much more!

  3. It has always been my way to share all of the good things I find with others, even as a child. I understand your chagrin at the lack of returned kindnesses – ah, but that is not why we do what we do, is it? I’ve known a few people who believe as we do, who go out of their way to call attention to a worthy soul and give them all sorts of encouragement, help guide them on their path. For those few souls who responded gracefully and gratefully, I asked them for only one thing: to pay it forward, to allow the circle of abundance to continue to spin and grow ever wider. Much like the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, we cannot ever truly know the effect our lives have had upon others, even unaware. That single smile at a stranger, holding the door for someone who’s had a rotten day, one small act of generosity – it can and does change lives for the better. When I was younger and feeling overwhelmed by the state of the world, I thought, what can one person possibly do? Then I realized, if I only changed the corner I inhabited for the better – and others did the same thing – the entire world would thus be changed in a positive manner. What a concept! What an epiphany! If you encounter someone who has not acknowledged any benefits from being seeded in your garden, don’t concern yourself with their lack of response – just turn your sunlight in another direction and others will reap the benefits of your warmth, your nurturing. Don’t change who and what you are because of someone else’s behavior. I’ve often said that there have been those who throw bricks at my garden, but I shall ever continue to plant my seeds and hope for the best – even if I don’t live long enough to see the blooms rise, to smell the fragrance.

    • Wanda! What a wonderful response 🙂 Your tireless support is something I would hold up as example for all. You would not believe the smiles I’ve enjoyed as a result of your company…even despite computer issues! I will continue doing what I am doing…always, but there are so many fantastic, caring, amazing talents that deserve more of my attention, and as a result, some will (or maybe they won’t) notice me fade away. It is not out of malice that the decision has been made, rather it is out of respect for those wonderful souls mentioned above. And you should see the wonderful brick wall I have lining my garden 😉 It where I set the brightest blooms from my garden! Thank you for all you do 🙂

  4. Whoa baby…put it to the litmus test. Okay I’ve learned a lot and do applaud your tireless promotions. I’m still learning so any advice is welcome. I plan on reading this summer as I’m finishing a project this month. Ps I need an avi like yours! Keep me aboard 🙂

    • No doubt Kim! 🙂 Right here and always happy to help and support in any way I can. This is just a little rant that was a long time coming as I learned my way around. Happy to make the same journey with you! So much easier than going it alone 🙂

  5. This is so interesting, Natasha, as I’ve thought you are such an ace promoter of your own work and others. I’ve learned so much about how to promote both cases from you so I’m surprised to hear your stomach turns to a rock. That said, I think you’re absolutely right that we need to spend our time supporting those that support us and building a community around that. We *are* in this together and yes, that harvest time will come in small, quiet, evolutionary steps and large, trumpeting revolutionary steps. At the same time, I hope the circle of support is always widening so we reach those poets and readers who need to be reached on our wandering teaching singing road.

  6. reminds me of when I find the “like” button is clicked but no one has come to the page. a hole in the software, and lets some like everyone at once and comment (generic kind) all at once. funtimes came to wordpress about the same time that FB switched their page programming to timeline in March.


    it’s either an organized group of homeless people, or a few people holding 100+ profiles each or something like that. (or it’s real people but i can’t believe there’s that many yesmen in the world)

    mostly I saw people holding other people back by telling them they did not need to grow and improve. that’s what I don’t like about funtimes. be thankful you have your own spirit nudging when needed.

  7. in 2010 i would spend literally up to ten or twelve hours every day on twitter and, like you, i was constantly retweeting others with little to no reciprocity ~ even by those i considered “real” friends. it would drive me mad when they would retweet my retweet of their tweet! {smile}

    PLEASE don’t take it personally if your followers don’t retweet you! my online time is severely limited these days so i don’t even visit twitter any more, there are just auto-tweets of my blog posts. and i used to think twitter was my world!

    you are an amazing woman, writer, artist… wish you could see yourself as the rest of us see you!


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