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He has a mind that welcomes change. Understands the need. Considers it evolution.How hot is that? Imagine waking in the morning to a discussion of  the state of the world, and our place in it.Feeling it? I quiver at the thought.  Imagine, reading poetry in the rain, the classics, the new and modern,the voices that he himself rallied; lounging street-side in the village,acoustic guitar, listening, while he writes the lyrics to heal the world, and opens you to a consciousness you never knew.Awake for the first time since you took residence within your shell, you realize, it’s time for Revolution.

What happens to you when you hear Revolution? I get worked up and feisty, so much so that there is no way I could get my rant to play by the rule book.  So…I took a vastly different route and will save my essay for another post 😉

The Rule Book…song as prompt, 100 words, GO! Barbara of The Purple Moose Gazette wove a wicked 100words last week, and takes home the honor of picking this weeks tune…Lance, hope I did it justice!  (Lance is the host, Leeroy is that cute little guy at the top…give him a click and he’ll deliver you to My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog where you can play along with us!)


9 thoughts on “Revolt~100WordSong

  1. Flow, energy, excitement, anxiousness, and Revolution. This has it all.

    I like what you did with Lennon’s Imagine in the middle.


    • Ah yes…Imagine changed my world way back in third grade when we had to sing it for a concert…my inner hippy-chic woke up…the light and the dark have been battling ever since

  2. Tash the blending of John Lennon’s Imagine and the Beatles Revolution was just the beginning of the intricacies in your post. It’s philosophical, emotional, lyrical, and enjoyable. Brava!

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