Wednesday Wake-Up Call ~ 09.05.12

“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.”

To take away MY music would be the worst thing a person could do to me.  I live through my music. I don’t play an instrument, not for lack of trying, but I do fall into a song, the poetry of the piece.

Music has been my gateway to alternative realities. Some rely on chemicals or mother’s herb, but for me, it’s the bass vibrations, the symbol crash, the tickled ivories, the shiny brass or strings…in any number.  It’s death metal, acid house, techno, punk, classical, folk, jazz, blues….each one whisking me away to a different realm, where I am able to truly dream.

Together, we are the orchestra. Together, we lend a voice to the dreams that have been dared, to the songs that have been sung.  We are audience and we are creators. I’ll be your back up singer, your number one fan, your roadie, and your muse. I will support your music, share your song and encourage your dreams.

Together, we stand stronger. Together we weave epic worlds. Together we are stewards of this planet; the heavens…the oceans….the realm we have been charged to create.  Let’s write a song and dream our dream. Let’s make the world a better place, one note, one chorus, one dream at a time.  I believe we can do that.

It’s our first ever Wednesday Wake Up call over at The New World Creative Union.  You’ve got three days to respond to the quote above in any way you like…paint it, dance it, sing it, write it, and ultimately…share it!  Nothing better to get you thru the mid-week slump than a good tune and a dream!



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