Matters of Faith

Why is it, we must lay claim to a god? Why is it, we must lay a name to a god?

I am a faith whore. Confident in my belief that there is something bigger and brighter than us, yet I remain uncomfortable with committing to a name OR a game.  I’ve looked at them all. From church on Sunday morning to rituals in the forest on the night of a full moon.

I’ve gotta say it though, no angel or devil has come up and knocked me over the head yet.  When they do…I’ll let you know.



18 thoughts on “Matters of Faith

  1. Hi Tash, I like your new look. (I am almost not sure I’m at the right page – or maybe you have another blog?) At any rate, it looks very good and you are as forthright and passionate as ever.

    I am also very impressed by your energy with your own book and others. You approach all of it in a very good way. Good luck with it. k.

  2. I was about to tweet something last night on this very subject, Natasha, but tiredness and a slow responding iPhone prevented me. It went along the following lines: “why are we so possessed by colour, race and creed, when courtesy, respect and a sense of human value is all we need”.

    What deeply rooted aspect of human nature is it that prevents us from seeing the common sense in this? Is it me, is it impractical? For those who struggle for (and with) power and supremacy, it is anathema, perhaps. Are we destined to perish in a dog eat dog (with my apologies to the canine community!) world or is there hope of enlightenment ..

    • Love this statement John! And I KNOW we are not alone…but why is it, voices singing common-sense have so much trouble being heard? So many are absolutely addicted to the drama that seems to invade our moments, that if they do receive enough time to pause and reflect, they use those precious moments to create more drama. I have made a vow to start and end each day with a smile, a kind thought, and a commitment to the hope for something better. Wish me luck! 😉

  3. I think being open and searching is so important. There is a quote that speaks to this, sort of, ‘Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.’ -Andre Gide

    • Mary…that is the PERFECT quote! My mind compels me to search and to question…I really can’t help it! Each new avenue of thought is one I have to explore, and ultimately, at the end of the day, I hope it leads at least to a rung up on the evolutionary ladder 😉

    • John…this was my practice blog when I first started helping with dVerse…was just floating here in the ether, so I decided to put it to use 😉 I should have labeled it Random Thoughts 🙂

  4. Hi Natasha, John et al … I share your thoughts & all your anxieties. And I, too, feel a strong sense of an ‘other’ but feel no need to compartmentalise it. I refer to ‘it’ as ‘the Force’ & that is good enough for me. As for the world in general, I guess where there are egos there will always be conflict … but isn’t it so sad that people invest their energies into creating such conflicts when the greatest thing in the whole world is to feel and cause someone to feel loved? Blessings to you both x

    • Peter! Thanks for visiting 🙂 Love the “FORCE” as thru all my reading, investigating, “searching”, all I know is the force is too great to be limited to any name, idol, or institution. And woe to the ego’s…I feel their time grows short as people continue to come together in spite of them to create, to evolve…despite the claims we’ve tough times ahead, I think it’s fantastic to know I’ve got folks like you and John to bounce my random musings off of! Appreciate you taking your precious time to visit and comment. Yours in the Force 🙂

      • May the force be with us all! And how trite is that! ;-). And yes, Peter, ego is that deeply rooted aspect of human nature that obstructs the resolution of it all. And yes, Natasha, collectively, we will be empowered to cast some light around the globe, little by little.

  5. Natasha….I have struggled with this issue of ‘faith’ all my long life.

    I have finally come to a place where what is important to me is not religion, creed, etc….but gratefulness.

    Gratitude. For the wind, the rain, the sun, the tomatoes, good soil, (we have to do our part in this….) and breath.

    We are generally raised in some convention, and bucking that , especially religious convention, is hard and so many times people just give up and toe the line.

    Remain doubtful about all religions….but cultivate gratitude randomly.

    Lady Nyo

    • What a wonderful thought, Jane! Yes…there was a quote by Abe Lincoln that I really resonated to…If I do good, I feel good…If I do bad, I feel bad…that is my religion. My life has improved so much since I simply embraced gratitude and respect…my heart is healthier for it, that’s for sure and certain. Your comment was pure poetry to me! Thank you! 🙂

      • You are very welcome, Tash.

        When we are young, we struggle with dogma. When we are older, for some of us, dogma becomes an obstacle to living and life. We lose precious time in the convolutions of religion. And I have found, in my own experience, in my family and outside, that some of those who push dogma the hardest, are the most arrogant and disrespectful of independent thought.

        I like your quote of Lincoln very much….very true. My ‘religion’ if I have one, is Nature. But I still think gratitude is to be applied randomly.

        Keep ahold of your doubts in these things. Trust your heart and your intelligence first.

        Lady Nyo

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