Church Supper

Gertrude paused and checked her hemline.  She looked good. She knew it.  She was going to have the boys in the front wondering what hit them.

How she lived for this. Playing dress up. Getting to be the girl her daddy had always warned her she didn’t want to be. How did he know anyway. Dressing her in pilgrim’s wear ever since her Mama had passed.  At least with Mama she had stood a chance at living a little bit before they up and married her off.

When Reverend Paul had announced the church would be hosting another dinner theater, Gertrude could barely contain her excitement. The year before, Hattie Mae Berry had stolen the show.  But Hattie Mae was also prone to stealing others things too. The whole town knew the last place she belonged was in a house of God, but good Christians knew it was not their place to judge.

Gertrude practiced her pout in the full length mirror that hung on the back of the door she would walk through to make her sweeping entrance.  Her innocent blue eyes were made up to be sultry, smokey and sexy.  Her father’s most hated word started with ‘s’ too.

Her full red lips suddenly turned to a sneer, and without a pause, she ripped the slit in the long skirt even further, allowing the milky smooth skin of her thigh to dance into view.  To hell with her daddy. She was tired of girls like Hattie Mae having all the fun.


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