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Confinement ~ 100 Word Song

She lost it. The monsters chasing her nothing more than demons from her past.  The bottle broke against the wall when she threw it, like so many shattered fairy tales.  A life worth living was all she ever wanted. Now, feeling the long tipped fingers of insanity claw at the fragile defenses of her brain, crawling over her, devouring precious life force.  She braces herself against a random wall in a random no name town, eyes wide, but alive as Deputy Dog arrives, and the wall becomes four, equaling total confinement for as long as the trip will last. Eternity.

It’s that time of week again! Lance is rocking another 100Word Song Challenge at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog.  “t” is spinning this weeks track, and he’s chosen Of Lillies & Remains by Bauhaus as our muse. Bring your words, bring your skills and rock along with Leeroy…you won’t believe the talent to be unearthed in 100 words!

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

10 thoughts on “Confinement ~ 100 Word Song

  1. This: “The bottle broke against the wall when she threw it, like so many shattered fairy tales.” = incredible

    The loss and fear are so strong. I’m so taken with how you described her life spinning out of control.

  2. I was going to comment on the bottle aganst the wall too. Lovely imagery.

    That is one bad trip she is on…kinda like that song. 🙂 Is it trip as in drugs or trip as in an actual journey to an insane asylum? Really, either would work I think.

  3. There seems to be a growing consensus on the favorite line in this wonderful piece. The figurative language creates an anxious atomosphere… much like her insanity requires. Well done!

  4. You have written a complete and painful piece in 100 words. Your vivid descriptions paint the picture so well. This is REALLY good!

  5. I never trusted Deputy Dog. I assoicate him with an ice cream truck driver. I love the description. I feel like I am always one wall away from saying goodbye to everyone.

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