100 Word Song ~ Breaking The Girl

She checked her watch.  10:15 and here she was standing in the rain on the corner of North and Summit.  The high-end townhouses spilled their golden light into the wet street, and once again she found her mind wondering just what the hell she thought she was doing.

There were six steps of designer concrete between her and a whole new world.  This was a chance to put it behind her.  They didn’t know where she came from. They didn’t know WHO she came from.

She hesitated as her stiletto clicked against the concrete. They didn’t know she was broken.

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog
Lance has got our pens rocking out to the Chilli Peppers this week. Stop on by and see what your own pen offers up…100 words…just that simple. And if it comes down to it…I DARE YOU!

11 thoughts on “100 Word Song ~ Breaking The Girl

  1. I love how this answers a few questions about the character, but asks so many more, great way to draw us in! I like the take on “broken” – not the route most of us probably went (always a good thing). 🙂

  2. Total unexpected route I thought you would take. Broken means so much here. I feel like I know her in 100 words. That’s great writing.

  3. Is this that same song by Tim McGraw? Oh, wait, that was “Don’t Take the Girl” not “Don’t Break the Girl” or “Breaking the Girl”. Great post!

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