Canada Day Tipping Point

Like every year, she watched them congregate on her front lawn in anticipation of the fireworks display. Being right across the river from where the fire department set fire to the sky meant her lawn was the best lawn for watching.

And it wasn’t just family that gathered. Right now, blocking her driveway, two elderly women perched in matching rainbow lawn chairs, wrapped in blankets better suited to December in Alaska rather than a July evening in Nova Scotia.

She felt her blood pressure rise as her husband returned from his beer run, making an attempt to gain entrance to their driveway.

The old women simply started at the truck, the look on their faces turning to a blackened resolve.  They had no intention of moving.

Her husband honked the horn. Even though she knew it was coming, the sound of that low tone chevy horn made her near jump out of her skin. Needless to say, the old dolls perched at the end of the drive didn’t stand a chance.

Their blankets went flying, along with the matching sunvisors they were wearing, and as hubby roared his laughter as he pulled into the drive, she turned her attention back to flipping burgers and tried to hide her smirk.  Normally, she wouldn’t condone such behavior…but even folks as calm as her have their tipping points.


3 thoughts on “Canada Day Tipping Point

  1. Oh! you wrote this for ME this morning!! I needed to read this because I am plotting violence against a neighbor who has no regard for nuthin’.

    LOL! Your short story was exactly enough!!!

    Wonderful write.

    Lady Nyo

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