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Rose Water

Troy balanced the ball perfectly on his middle finger and lost himself in the spinning orb. Two weeks into this hell-hole, and other than the razzing from the jocks that had become an everyday occurrence, he had yet to come into contact with one decent individual his own age…or even close.

He sat himself down on the curb and looked up and down the street. The Murphy twins were having a blast with the afternoon sprinklers while their father tended to the shrubs that hid the majority of the lawn from view.  Troy didn’t know if it was normal for twelve year old girls to still hang with their barbie camper in the driveway, so he had assumed that perhaps they were not all there.

The Jacobson boy was peddling for all his worth up and down the cul-de-sac, no doubt trying to beat the latest paperboy delivery record.  He paid no mind to Troy, and when his bike came close enough to spray loose pebbles at his feet, he paid no mind to that either.  Seemed even the kids in Rose Water weren’t too fond of new comers.

Troy had heard his parents discussing this that very morning. Apparently his Mom’s new position as head principal at the academy was not delivering all the respect she thought the title deserved. Already she was butting heads with the PTA on book choices for the student library and fund raising events. Seems her big city ideas were falling on deaf ears, and she was tired of being looked at like she had three heads.

His father had laughed out loud at that. Always the comedian of the bunch, seemed he was able to see the bright side to just about everything. Troy had waited for to hear his calming voice, but it seemed even his father had trouble coming to terms with the small town political infrastructure. Commuting the hour and a half to the city every day, meant his father still had contact with normal people, and his mother’s resentment of this fact was growing on a daily basis.

Troy knew she had to be careful though. After all, it was her big promotion that had prompted them to sell the town house, rent a uhaul, and escape to the land of Willow lined streets and church suppers. He knew that if things didn’t change soon, his mother and her insatiable desire to succeed would have them sitting in a front row pew in order to prove to the community they were worthy.  He shuddered at the thought, and already had plans to reserve his classic Slayer t-shirt for the big day.

Yup…welcome to Rose Water. Where you play football, or clean up after those who do. Where you listen to Tim McGraw and dream of marrying Talyor Swift.  Where Justin Beiber is considered the voice of the devil, and woe be the kid who thinks any different.  This was one summer destined to go down in the history books as brutal, with no fault being placed on the temperature


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