Contractual Obligations

She did a double take when she opened the email attachment. The penmanship may have been poor, but was legible enough for her to know she had just wasted 21 days of morning to night road running for naught.

“Eighty-nine freaking thousand dollars!? You gotta be kidding me!”

The subject property was a 1200 square foot summer home nestled on the rocky coastline of the Eastern Shore with bold ocean frontage and deep anchorage. The asking price was $189,000

Her broker overheard her exclamation… “Dear, I’ve told you this 1000 times…it’s just business.”

She was tired of the excuses. She was tired of people looking for something for nothing. She was tired of people trying to take advantage of another’s poor circumstances in order to better their own.

“It’s BAD business…and I’m done.”


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