100 Word Song ~ Sick Coffee Break

The sound of the gun hit before the pain. Like thousands of little teeth vibrating.

Ozzy from his Sabbath days was wailing in the back ground and still he had found himself finished with his woman.

A staggering group of teens stumbled through the door, trying their best to look 18. They were cool. I was like them once.

Lizard smirked and rolled his eyes, then proceeded to roll up the cuff of my blouse.  “This might hurt a little bit.”

I settled into the old barber’s chair. “Let’s do this. I’ve got a house to show in an hour.”


You’ll never guess who got to pick the song for this weeks 100 word song…or maybe you will…if I’m anything, it’s predictable.  Needless to say, when Lance and Leeroy decided it was my turn…it didn’t take me long, and I’m still tapping my toes despite a frantic does of reality today.  Have a listen, and share the first 100 Words it prompts from your pen.

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7 thoughts on “100 Word Song ~ Sick Coffee Break

  1. ahhh, trying to maintain youth. What a sickness to have.

    Excellent interpretation. Glad you could give us such a great song to play with this week.

    awesone Tasha

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