100 Word Song Challenge ~ To Think

The dis-ease that drives the machine is discontentment.  Happiness is an illusion sold to us by plastic minions of reigning corporations who thrive on our dis-ease. The latest craze, the newest trend, always lining up to tell us we’re not good enough, we don’t have enough, who are we to say it’s all okay unless we max out another card on a spa vacation we’ll spend our remaining years paying for? Serenity now in a garden of poison ivy tended to by soldiers of mass production…to think we can buy our way to satisfaction! TO THINK would solve the problem.

100 words, no more, no less, inspired by Ashley Munroe’s song “Satisfied”. Lance and Leroy…I vow that one day my blog WILL beat up your blog 😉


My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

5 thoughts on “100 Word Song Challenge ~ To Think

  1. Three times is a charm? All the words creatively fell from the gap between the ability to post, and the forced punctuation of Word PRESSed upon my keyboard.

    Consider this liked, a lot, and know that you are now being followed (by more than before).

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