Blind Sided

The email was shocking. Never, in my twenty year career, had I ever allowed myself to feel so utterly violated by a client.

The email had been sent to my boss, and it was just random dumb luck that saw him vacationing in the south that had me checking his messages.

The question became…do I respond?

The message demanded no further contact with me, based on a conversation that was had with a competitor, no less. It was out of the blue and more than a little out of line. Did I make the call? Could I make the call and maintain my cool?

This client was prepared to take the word of a buyer’s real estate agent and set out to get me fired, with absolutely no contact with me. Standards of Business Practice dictate we do not contact the clients under contract with another company. This agent had no quams about contacting my clients and saying something to get them hot under the collar. Hot enough that the email was the result.  This agent made claims I did not return his calls…granted, after four calls telling me the property was over priced, not worth what they were asking, and that they didn’t do the work…the owners BEFORE them did…I figured the agent could wait on the fifth call while I chased down business that might actually result in a pay day and groceries. This agent was not going to bring us a reasonable offer, and every question he asked gave him more reason to lowball.

I should also mention, these very same clients were at one time listed with his brokerage, so all the answers he needed should have been on file in his office, considering we have to keep our files for a minimum of seven years.

I’m thinking I should fire the clients AND lodge a formal complaint against said agent for violating our codes of conduct. Thoughts?



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