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We Were Once Strangers ~ OpenLinkNight

We were once strangers
Our bodies foreign
Our dreams all thatmattered
We were once strangers
Our stories yet shared
Our hopes presented
In fancy crystal
Upon a perfectly set table
Dressed to impress
Has become dressed to getby
As we come to know theother
As we come to know the lies
We were once lovers
Insatiable longings
Unmatched desire
We were once lovers
Pulse racing, irrational wanting
Copulating on the sly
In closets and alleys
Magnets attracted
Drunk on adrenalin
But no more as fear
Steals energy, dreams
The strength to care
At one time we mattered
At one time the worldwarped
Based on our wishes
At one time we mattered
All it took was a dream
And the powers that be
Told us we could achieve
And helped us find our way
As our story, our life
Unfolded out into the land
Of prosperity, of freedom
Where we could be all wecould be.
At one time…
…we mattered.
 It’s Tuesday and that means that OpenLinkNight is finally upon us! They’re trusting me to host the party, and I’ve got a stage to set as the poets prepare to rush the gates…consider yourself invited! The festivities get underway at 3pmEST. We got your seat saved!
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47 thoughts on “We Were Once Strangers ~ OpenLinkNight

  1. Early two weeks in a row look at you hahaLike the story like feel that you went throughFrom strangers to all knowing to poof don't matterNot pleasant when ending up at the laterBut great write indeedOnce more at your feed

  2. We meet as strangers, yet after decades we can be strangers still. Riotous thoughts, emotions, and even body chemicals colour & taint our apprehensions of each other, and seem to evolve into mundanity through familiarity. What sadness that we can so lose the wonder of each other! Even our bodies betray us as they withdraw the chemical essences of love, leaving us penniless in the currencies of love & passion. A poem of loss, yet it offers redemption through the realization that eyes once closed can yet still be opened.

  3. nice tash…one day we did more than broken backs to pave the road of the machine….nice ping on plitical commentary there at the end…of course the whole thing could be looked at as the loss the freedom that comes with attachment as well…i dunno its a kaleidiscope poet, i keep turning…

  4. from strangers to lovers..i thought…wow…nice…that's how it is..and then…it goes in a direction no one wants to go really..when the dreams are not strong enough…and in the end nothing's left..and strangers in another way… sad write tash…but wery well penned.. happy link night lovely lady..great you're hosting the party tonight, i know you will make the place vibrate with your energetic presence

  5. In the first blossoming of love, you have to also be best friends because once that fist flush is gone and the lust wears off, it's no good if you can't even talk and laugh and share for disliking each other. Another lovely read from you.

  6. Excellent write Tash, I love the repeating first line idea, it worked wonderfully here. The we once mattered stanzas are great. Great job, thanks

  7. "At one time we matteredAt one time the world warpedBased on our wishes'I know this memory, this feeling, this 'longing!' I love how the repetition pulses in this, carries us through. Incredible write, and a pleasure to read.

  8. I feel like a broken record LOL but I LOVE THIS …. 🙂 I feel this … the repetition works so well … and it has a tinge of sadness for me, coz it sorta hits close to home …. but beautifully written as always 🙂

  9. A very interesting piece, Nat, andit says volumes about human nature,about nature itself. If we have steakand lobster daily, one day we find ourselves craving peanut butterand saltine crackers. Hormones canonly take us so far; they have no realhalf life, and the real journey mustbe done together, two marching asone organism, still having fun regardlessof the listless ardor. Yet it seems we ofthe regular-folk brigade tend to workthrough, or endeavor to, our issues, ourproblems. Divorce is seldom the answer.Rebirth of friendship, the great emotionalfuel that love becomes, indefatigable. See what happens when a poem makesyou crazy?

  10. I know this moment when love dies. It's not just the passion, for that can mature into a deeper passion, but the love that binds two minds hearts and bodies. This evokes wonderfully that sadness in time.

  11. Hi Claudia I pretty new. Hope you'll be able to see my post Half Moon.Snot referred me to the site.We were once strangers reminded me of a old broken music box that you found in the attic and was remembering the first time you laid eyes on it. Inspiring. I have my work cut out for me.

  12. You've used repetition in this so effectively to lead the reader through the progression of who "we were." Then the last two lines were like a big exclamation mark!

  13. You carried me right through the whole poem, moving from line to line, which are all finely connected like gossamer strands of sterling silver…your growth as a poet is clearly evident and can be seen throughout your work! Wonderful Natasha…wonderful…Let that silvern light keep on a shinin'Roger ☺

  14. this was the best poem to finish my night of reading… excellent!my favorite was: "But no more as fearSteals energy, dreamsThe strength to care"

  15. I really love the casual repetition here, the flow is really elegant and does not feel forced.I generally don't like the endings to poetry but your ending here is immaculately powerful!At one time……we mattered.Bravo!- Asketes

  16. Always poignant, sad, when we think back on a love that, yes, mattered. You portray a lost love beautifully here, and I love the way you turned the end into a subtle political statement. Yes, once this nation of ours mattered as well…where opportunities were and still are sought…but many lost. Beautiful work here, Tash!

  17. Dear Natasha…I enjoyed reading your heartfelt cry… yes we in the end matter, its just so that we need to know if we matter to each other… Loved your lines…'At one time we matteredAt one time the world warpedBased on our wishes'Very interesting thought… Yes I will vote for the Shorty Awards… I remember last year it was one stop poetry that got one… :-)Shashiॐ नमः शिवाय Om Namah Shivayahttp://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com/2012/01/whispers-haiku-on-how-i-write-poetry.html#comment-formAt twitter @VerseEveryDay

  18. Natasha,So direct and compelling…a fine, intelligent (and so poetic) take on the transformations we endure. With that neat commentary at the end that takes it from the personal to the general. Very nicely done.

  19. Lovely. You have such a talent for anthemic poetry with your wonderful refrains. Some of my favorite lines are:"In fancy crystalUpon a perfectly set tableDressed to impress"and"Magnets attractedDrunk on adrenalin".Another great poem, Natasha.

  20. So hard when someone who was so close, familiar, and safe becomes a stranger. It's so true that fear steals. Hopefully the "we" will matter again 🙂

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