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Monday Melting #2 ~ Forgotten

Okay…I wrestled with the words last week bogged down with real world obligation, but made a vow to return to Shawna’s Monday Melting ready to rip the words.  And what a selection she has provided…not one list but two! (Must have known it was another one of those weeks shaping up!) So dear readers, welcome to my offering…you can add your own too, The Monday Melting is waiting to see your take on the words!

There is magic and mystery
the shrill timbre of her song
buried in the moss
of a forgotten swamp
where they thought her secret
had been buried.

The moonlight drips like wax
Through an acid sky
that streaks like the blood
that stains the lace
where her ancestor’s cameo
once rested at her throat.

It is on these August evenings
When lovers dance her banks
that her ghost rises
to reveal the bend
within their realities
When love and revenge
become one.

She desires not to be forgotten
cursed to sing her song
for an eternity
warped by an infinity
of love lost
of betrayal
of a heart tore free
and left to bleed.

Can’t post a new poem without once again rallying all you writers and readers of poetry.  We’re out to take over the world with our words…or at least have The Shorty’s recognize poetry as an official category.  If you have a co-dependent relationship with the twitterverse like I do, I’d love to have you join my army and support my mission! 
                                                              Nominate Natasha Head for a social media award in the Shorty Awards!


11 thoughts on “Monday Melting #2 ~ Forgotten

  1. Very cool write. I really like the lines "her ghost risesto reveal the bendwithin their realities", and the whole last stanza is superb. Monday Melting sounds like a fun prompt – I'll have to give it a try.

  2. Um, wow. You blow me away, sister. Time and time again. This was such an eerie oral reading as I felt her rise up, ready to claim lives and retribution.These are my favorites:"moonlight drips like wax""acid sky"The picture drawn by this description:"streaks like the bloodthat stains the lacewhere her ancestor's cameoonce rested at her throat""warped by an infinity"Is this the foretelling of your future? I know everything about you "bleeds." :)Thank you so much for jumping in, Tash.

  3. this has the feel of one of those old bayou love stories…where the river is its own character what with all the bodies on the bottom…those lovers that adorn her banks have no idea….smiles.

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