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Master Word Weaver ~ OpenLinkNight

While Claudia is busying herself prepping the pub for tomorrow’s OpenLinkNight, I’m totally ahead of the game! (For Once!) With a busy week looming, I wasn’t going to miss out on the fantastic addiction this weekly meeting of the minds has become.  Rather than babble on in my typical fashion, I just want to be sure each and everyone of you understand how important you are to me and my sanity (my friends and family should be lining up to thank you as well!) Here’s to dVersePoets & OpenLinkNight.

Master Word Weaver

Master Word Weaver…make me your believer
In your words I wallow
Held steady by your pen.

Master Poet….know it
Your music fuels my drive
Ambition bled in ink

upon these crinkled pages
my story, slow to telling
but you tease and persist

urging truth, removing shadows
kindred spirits gather
rejoicing in your words.

Master Word Weaver…does your truth deceive her?
Spilling light upon the hills
where the monsters of yesterday

cower at your hand.
Rewriting the histories, 
how we perceive us to be,

beaten down by the hands of power
no longer will we cower
steady…at the ready.

Master Poet…know it
as we rise to take our place
You inspire strength

you give to us a voice
a weapon
an army

Master Word Weaver, born a ready leader
we await
your next command.

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Nominate Natasha Head for a social media award in the Shorty Awards author category


40 thoughts on “Master Word Weaver ~ OpenLinkNight

  1. Early at you shoreWow been a while since you took such a tourYou weaved your words so wellA master indeed with each on that fellGlad you have your sanity tooBut crazy is fun between me and you…haha

  2. nice…you are up early champ…way early…i havent even written mine yet….but a slave to the Muse…can only give what she gives me…march on poet…we are taking over the world…

  3. you give to us a voicea weaponan army….We have a voice and our words are weapons that seek to make the world a better place. Great capture here. Love it!

  4. Your words are very powerful…great poem Tash! Especially love 'Ambition bled in ink' …a brilliant line that…and the ending too…'you give us a voice, a weapon, an army…a strong army it is too 🙂

  5. on with the march! change the world through poetry – and what a poem this was – it had a great vibe and atmosphere about it – the ball of internal rhymes – plays on words – all very well done – great to read cheers!

  6. "…upon these crinkled pages, my story…" and what a story you tell. slowly, right but, magically woven into wonderful verses of secrets, truths and spirited convictions! You are a goddess of words darling! xoxoxohttp://magicinthebackyard.wordpress.com/2012/01/10/nightlights/

  7. It's difficult to mix militancy (if that's the right word) with letters and have either survive the experience. But you do manage that. Story tellers often had places at the tables of high councils in days of yore…perhaps they will again. As always, I enjoy your captured moments. Nice job here.

  8. This made me think of a few people, high and low, known and unknown, whose ways with words have changed my life. You're on fire in this one, Natasha, and a good candidate yourself for the sort of inspiration and spirit that moves the soul off high center.

  9. This gave me chills:"Master Poet….know itYour music fuels my drive"There is power in our poetic unity:"you give to us a voicea weaponan army"Thank you for all your recent comments; you've made my (and my husband's) day. 🙂

  10. urging truth, removing shadows…yes, poetry can be such a wonderful road to discovery and you've captured that well here. Onward, poets! Love it

  11. This is brilliant tash…We are at war – of that there is no doubt…The claustrophobic system inches in gradually.Poetry resists and repels violently and beautifully.We are at war – of this there is no doubtI could cry – but poetry allows me to shout!i love it love it love it….Thanks for your support toobig up yourself ^^^^^^ 🙂

  12. If you feel so inclined, I'd love for you to give another go to my Monday Melting. I have some great words for you to choose from. Come by and see if anything inspires you. :)http://rosemarymint.wordpress.com/2012/01/16/monday-melting-week-2/

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