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Small Stone #1 ~ Happy New Year!

  Happy New Year

Today we are blessed with new beginnings
the opportunity to look back
with fondness, appreciation, gratitude.
The chance to look forward
with faith, hope and love.
But today it is the now I will cherish
conversations with dear friends,
a wonderful family
bustling about a busy kitchen
as we prepare to break bread together
We are abundant
We are rich in things that will last
long past dollars.
In the now we are one,
on this first day
of our new beginning.
This month, I have committed to participating in  A River of Stones.  To learn more of this endeavor, simply click the badge above.  I can think of no better way to start a New Year.  Wishing a fantastic, poetry filled 2012 to all. 
I’m also posting this as my Happy New Year greeting to dVersePoets Pub where Mark Kerstetter offered a lovely prompt for the season. Thank you so much Brian, Claudia, Gay, Joe, Joy, Sheila, Victoria, Chris and Mark for allowing me the honor of being included with such a vibrant and talented team and to all the wonderful wordweavers that come out to play poetry with us. Love and light to all!

7 thoughts on “Small Stone #1 ~ Happy New Year!

  1. nice…have fun breaking bread today…a great way to start the new year…so saw your comment…hows the head ache today mrs. gonnacutloosetonight haha….smiles…happy new year Tash!

  2. oh nice..great to break bread together..and a bustling, warm kitchen is a great place to be.. thanks tash for everything you do at dVerse – it's such a joy having you around…happy new year

  3. I'm really struck by the line "We are abundant" and am trying to figure out whether it is the simplicity that makes it stand out, or the cross-over way you're using abundance here (i.e., it doesn't mean "there's lots of us"), or whether it is something technical about meter (WE are aBUNdant does pick up the rhythm of "the CHANCE to look FORward", "the NOW I will CHERish", and "OUR new beGINning"). Well, if you know your secret here, please pass it on!

  4. That's a good way to start 'noticing things properly' (and 'a river of stones' is a nice idea). Congrats on your upcoming book and I wish many more blessing for you and family in 2012.

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