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December in Shubenacadie ~FormForAll

Gay (aka @beachanny) is weaving couplets and the like for us at FormForAll today.  I thought I’d take our lovely weather here on the erratic shores of the Canadian East Coast and turn it to muse so I can show of my wares over at dVerse. Be gentle with me dear readers…I’m also in the midst of prepping for The Rivers first Online Poetry Slam which gets underway tomorrow…but due to certain unnamed requests, I had promised not to go too long between posts.  So I’m laying it down and counting syllables as lines come to mind, and thanking Gay HUGE for all the wonderful and encouraging lessons she delivers.

December in Shubenacadie

Shubenacadie in December
Not much different than November

But for the frost that lays below
The frozen ground where spring seeds will grow

Now the front step a sheet of too slick ice
Fills these weary bones with fright

The tidal river grows full then swells
Breaking its banks, a muddy hell

Dreading the fierce Nor’ Easter Winds
That can blow until March thaw begins

Remember when those swollen banks were green
Fishermen, canoes were seen?

And children played at baseball fields
With imagined swords and golden shields

Shubenacadie in December
Not much different than November

When the sun comes out to play?
You should see Shubenacadie in May!


24 thoughts on “December in Shubenacadie ~FormForAll

  1. Silver…you always make me smile! I'm wondering if you're doing okay with the name of my little town…you should hear what some of the telemarketers come up with! 😉 Couldn't pass up a chance to rhyme, and I've missed one too many of these lately!

  2. haha such fun with the rhyme, you know I'll like it each and every time. How I wish it were May because I bet we will be getting plenty of that crappy snow stuff by then and some of it waill stay.

  3. I took the form of the Crystalline…two line, 17 syllable poems (inspired by Haiku) I played with the Crystalline sequence. These lines don't HAVE to rhyme…but you know me well enough by now. Check out Gay's article at the pub…just to make sure I haven't completely screwed up the lesson!!!

  4. I think this was lovely. I did see it in May (there were still a few frozen spots that year)..they said try again next time in June. I missed the lupines and would have loved to see them springing up like tall bluebonnets from Texas except in a rainbow of colors.You did wonderfully today doing double poetry duties. Thank you for all you do for our poetry community. You are a beacon of warmth and sunshine everyday regardless of the weather, our dear Tashtoo! Thank you!

  5. Beautiful write. I don't know where you were writing about, but it must be a very cold place. The ending was beautiful though. I can say the same about where I live. In May and June it is heaven. Now, well not so much! Happy New Year to You.

  6. Wonderful portrait, love hearing about hometowns written by those that live there. Great job, the couplets are amazing and love the rhyme. Happy New Year

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