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Inked Chaos ~ OpenLinkNight

For the past few days, in the holiday bustle filled with food and friends, it’s easy to pretend it’s all okay. With bellies full, body rested, and mind finally in order, it’s way too easy to see it isn’t.  As we round the corner to another new year, I realize, that somewhere inside me, I remain broken, distrustful, cynical to the point I’m getting on my own nerves. Imagine how I must be getting on the nerves of those around me!

Usually, this is the time I bust out a new notebook and start listing all the wonderful accomplishments I’m going to pull off, all the bad habits I’m going to rid myself of, and all the money I will bank as a result of my efforts. Well…you know what, I’m skipping that this year.  My only goal, my primary focus, will be to write.  That’s it. Be it poetry, short stories or journal entries…I will write.

So dear Coach you tend to the poets who will visit us at OpenLinkNight this evening, I am sneaking to my dark corner, pulling a pen from my handbag and writing it on the wall for all to see.  And if I start to slip…I expect to be called on it! What are you writing on the wall this year? Will you let your heart lead you, or are you battling real word commitments that keep you from hearing what it is your heart wants?

I extend this invitation to all! Let’s write it on the wall, sharpen our focus, and bring our word weaving to the world. My mission is not just for my own personal benefit. I want the world to hear your words! We have wonderful publications available to us by many of the fantastic poets and writers who share their work here with us. Spread the words, spread the love, and lets make 2012 the year the poets take back the world.  Perhaps that’s why the Mayans stopped tracking the days…when your world is filled with poetry, time has the potential to stand still.

Inked Chaos
Inked Chaos ~ Natasha Head Image
Many years ago I desired the ability to create.
I would write voluminous tombs of these wishes
Penning agendas, affirmations, seeing it come to pass
within my mind, but over time, I find
it to be difficult to think of such things
especially in permanent fashion
I wrote it down
Scraping ink below skin, the burn, the sting
as blood and ink collide, a potion of emotion
displayed for the world to see, you kidding me?
The sound, always the sound
so much worse than the scar
that turns to art, turns to trophy
I wrote it down.
Many years ago I desired the ability to earn
turn and burn baby, the art of the deal
signed and then sealed, take it to the bank
and mountains of green, a desire obscene
thinking it would always remain, but
the world had a different lesson in mind
I wrote it down.
Many years ago, I desired the fairy tale
undeserving white gown attire
down the aisle, prince charming awaits
Not recognizing the trap for what it was
I stumble through, somehow making it all work
and, the times that it doesn’t
I write it down.
Out of chaos, comes the most vibrant of inks
Reds like life force, blues like spirit
black like the pain of the soul
Out of chaos, always out of chaos
comes the words, and before sense can be made
communication requirements insist
I write it down.

37 thoughts on “Inked Chaos ~ OpenLinkNight

  1. keep writing it down poet…and i will call you on it…i miss getting to see some tash verse just about every day…know what i am saying? smiles…out of chaos…how true…chaos emotion, all the same thing you know…smiles….goals and dreams change over time and sometimes we make do…but dont let the muse die from neglect on you…

  2. Such fun can come from chaosUsually the best ideas start to tossThat is all ones needsThen mix and match letting the idea bleedAs the face it facts ring trueFor all to view

  3. I like the refraining..I wrote it down.I believe we write best when we fall, stumble and find out that fairy tales don't exist. Love the intro Tash – you have such a passionate voice.Hope your Holidays are peaceful ~

  4. Tash, definitely write it down, write it down. This piece sounds like my brain at times, so much stimuli, ideas, just have to write it down. nice ink too. Thanks, hope you had a Great Christmas

  5. yes – i write it down as well…it's a good thing to do… love the intensity here tash…as blood and ink collide…isn't it magical when blood and ink collide…this is the fabric the really great things are woven of…

  6. Interesting what comes out of what we have decided to call 'chaos'… to me as respectable as what we call 'reality'… for so much there is in one and the other…Good you write things down and we- both writers and readers- can witness your moment,…:-)Happy New Year Dear Nat!!

  7. Love your poem, Tash…I've learned so much about my own 'chaos' by writing it all down…it's my way out of darkness…Have a fantastic New Year too! 🙂

  8. I want you to know that you inspire me. Thank you for sharing your darkness so that I don't feel like the only one floundering and struggling … only finding relief in writing it down. I need your words, Tash. You are blessing me by telling the truth.This is another amazing poem. I love this part especially:"Scraping ink below skin, the burn, the stingas blood and ink collide"~Shawna

  9. If I couldn't write it down, my head would explode. I'd run naked down the street. it wouldn't be good. Writing it down helps keep me together, helps me figure out myself and the world I live in, and lets me express whatever I want to. Not bad for the price of a pen and notebook. (especially when Hedge gave me a cool journal…alls I needed to add was a pen!)

  10. I have to agree with others regarding the intensity. It's present throughout and never waivers.Love the repetition as well. So many things I haven't written down. Always good to receive a reminder.

  11. I think the most important thing you can do if you are a writing soul is to write–it's the only thing that makes sense, even when it doesn't and it's chaos–somehow it sorts things. This is a fine strong piece, Natasha–keep writing it down. And a happy dVerse and poetic 2012 to us all.(Also, besides a pen, I think Fireblossom has to add a little of her trademark magic to make that journal the unidentified high-flying object it is. ;_) )

  12. Out of the chaos within, we write even if it makes no sense at all, we write because it's a disease we can't cure or satisfy, unless we do.Keep writing. I quit making New years resolutions when I realised I simply need to make them every day instead. No guilt trip then. 🙂

  13. Well Tash, you hooked me at "out of chaos comes the most vibrant of inks" how true. I'll not whitewash the wall..I too will add my ink, hoping it's read-worthy. Thank you for this inspirational piece! Write on!

  14. There is no better way than to do it this way… write it down at the end… Lovely. You inspired me… Today.Shashiॐ नमः शिवाय Om Namah Shivaya

  15. Writing it down…that's the trick. This piece builds relentlessly, like a drumbeat. Chaos, then light, the archetypical contrast. I think you touch on something important to many of us. Happy New Year and we'll 'see' you in 2012.

  16. Ah! The Addicted!Oh! The afflicted!For you, it's cathartic,a cannabis arctic,white, with ink on its face.A pleasure, a treasure,of impossible measure;yet, nothing – no nothing! -can take its placeDon't give up the script!

  17. I can so relate to this. that last two verses, esp. I dont know why but most of the verses are more bold and put forth best in melancholy, chaos or anger. Well versed..

  18. I feel your angst, and I'll raise you a touch of fear, lol. I can always relate to your work. Thanks for writing honestly. It helps the rest of us work through our own junk, too.

  19. I was convinced you'd been peeking in my window when I read your first post paragraph. All too familiar. Love the journey in the poem as well. Shall we walk through the valley of shadows, fog and light and write all about it? Leave no one behind.

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