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White Christmas Wishes ~ OpenLinkNight

It’s official…the countdown is well underway! I love this time of year, mostly because I get to slow down and breathe 🙂  In keeping the mood light, for this most joyous OpenLinkNight, I am sharing my one “selfish” Christmas wish with all of the dVersePoets, and as office parties, family gatherings, and time with friends robs us of writing time, cherish always the fuel it provides for your pen.  I am hoping all of you get to enjoy the light, love, and laughter of a fantastic holiday season, and may your muse shine bright in 2012~! And let’s send out a big holiday cheer to Joy for rounding up the pub for what is sure to be a fantastic evening of Poetry!

White Christmas Wishes

T’was the night before Christmas
And all through my yard
Dry autumn leaves
Danced in rain driving hard
The top of my roof
Little resembled
A blanket of snow
For the sleigh of Kris Kringle
My daughter was fighting
About going to bed
Nothing worse than a 12 year old
Too hard on the head
She stomped her feet
And her voice filled with awe
I don’t believe in fairies
Let alone Santa Clause!
I just chuckled lightly
And sent her upstairs
Despite the begging and pleading
And unanswered prayers
I told her be careful
In case he hears
And flies right on by
With no rest for reindeer
She was still sulking
And hubby was tired
But we settled in
With our feet by the fire
Outside the rain
Was still coming down hard
So much for the setting
Of the season’s post card.
Now its not often I wish
For that white stuff to fly
But it lends so much feeling
To the holiday time
And much like my daughter
I wore a sad frown
As I starred at the rain
Hoping snow would come down
We unplugged the tree
Arranged presents with care
Than our two tired souls
Both lumbered upstairs
“Do you think it will happen”
I asked my true love
“Will we have a white Christmas
Or be stuck in the mud?”
We snuggled up
To the sound of the wind
And soon closed our eyes
So our dreams could begin
The house was dead quite
No mice were in sight
As we drifted to dreamland
On this Christmas Eve night
In the morning I woke
To a much brighter glow
And I rushed to the window
To see it had snowed
The world was just perfect
A blanket of pure
Drifted like marshmallows
Against our closed doors
My daughter was happy
Delighted with glee
As she took to the glass
So her own eyes could see
And in the voice I remembered
Of the child now tween
She said, “look at that Mom”
Is it sleigh tracks I see?”
And low and behold
In the fresh fallen snow
Appeared sleigh tracks and hoof prints
From where I don’t know
And it just might be
In that bright morning light
It was the magic of Santa
That saved Christmas night.

39 thoughts on “White Christmas Wishes ~ OpenLinkNight

  1. smiles..this is lovely tash…so warm..just would love to take your words and wrap them around me like a blanket… it was snowing over here as well this morning when i drove to work…but unfortunately has stopped during the day..but who knows..

  2. Look at you with rhymes all aglowYes that is the only day of the year I don't mind snowUnless it is a ton up to the door knobThen forget the snow jobAll nice and magical todayAnd that Face it Fact you easily display

  3. oh how I wish for snow! you are so right… it does make the holidays feel more like, well, the holidays 🙂 I love your poem, great rendition on an old fave of mine. a nice personal touch you have added. have a merry christmas, Tash!!! 🙂 xox

  4. Even my shrunken witchy heart has to smile at this one, Natasha. Merry merry Christmas, and may you enjoy many of these moments with your family, holding them like the lovely and priceless jewels they are, as I know you do.

  5. A fun and sweet romp…or, er, sleigh ride! I hope you will consider sending me an email about what you are grateful for to add to this year's gratitude word quilt Natasha. It will be posted on my blog on Dec 31st. I am collecting expressions of gratitude from around the world. Gentle steps,Laura

  6. Really amazing Modern Christmas Carol/Poem. Love the rhythm and the look at the traditions and wants associated with Christmas. Great Job Tash. Really enjoyed the read. Thanks

  7. Sweet. Surprised I am, though, at the idea of a 12 year old possibly still believing in the old saint. We don't have snow here unless we go to the mountains. We once had a cabin for such things, but no more. We could have used a miracle.Your poem made me think of my son at perhaps 8 years old telling me that he knew Santa was really "just" his parents and Grandpa. I cried! There's something about giving gifts anonymously without expectation of thanks for the sheer joy of pleasing a child that I had real trouble letting go of…Have a happy season.

  8. Warm glowings, lovely… and many of the same to you Tash XLittle chance of snow in Dubai.. unless we go to the indoor ski slope (yes, patio heaters + A.C. + oustide 25 degrees..utter madness)

  9. Caught myself sitting wide-eyed at your tale… certainly did bring back childlike magic and wonder …thanks so much for sharing this and bringing us the magic of Christmas!

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