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dVerse Poetics ~ The Great Divide

I have survived the final excursion to the malls for Christmas shopping.  Can someone tell me how you can convince a 12 year old that the best gifts don’t come from stores?  It would make life much simpler…and I’m all about simplifying these days!

Much to my relief, Brian Miller had a fantastic prompt up at dVerse by the time I returned home.  As mentioned in a tweet, I was in desperate need of some poetry…not to mention some of the best free therapy I’ve yet to discover! You can imagine my delight when I found he had not only brought the prompt, but in doing so, introduced me to an amazing artist.

Tera Zajack of Olive Hue Designs is no different than the rest of us would be creative rulers.  She battles the day job, the family job, and the same troubles that come when our muse brings us inspiration we fear we don’t have the “talent to tackle”.

So dear Poets, lets all join Tera in her happy dance.  Here’s to all you wonderful folks that help me keep my sanity, and here’s to a fantastic and joyful (now that my shopping’s done!) holiday season to all!

The Great Divide
Inspired by the art work of Tera Zajack


She finds comfort in the wee lonely hours

So often they don’t understand…think her odd and slightly daft
fore she has grown so very tired of explaining.
It never get’s her any where…any further
to preach poetry to a soap slicked politician
when the only constant is the truth weaved within her words.
She could shout it to the world
through grand and fantastic friendships
built on invisible ether, strange and unexpected connections spark!
She can hear them shouting back at her in understanding
over mountains and through the seas in sympathy of her plight
but they are not there to hold her close and safe
With the coming of blackest night.
With pen and paper she makes it through
to sincerely welcome a new day dawned
Inspired by dream~scape and country~side
But never by this thing they call love, this inspiration
that so many claim lends the best fuel for their pen
She wonders of this, she writes of this.
As evening overtakes the sun
she knows that the time has come, the moment to decide
but she wonders if there are words strong enough
To bridge this great divide.


22 thoughts on “dVerse Poetics ~ The Great Divide

  1. As evening overtakes the sunshe knows that the time has come, the moment to decidebut she wonders if there are words strong enoughTo bridge this great divide.My answer is yea, way to go, thought provoking piece. love your writing on this one.

  2. "With pen and paper she makes it through"- thank goodness we have that outlet. This is such a strong, emotional piece. I love your use of daft. P.S. My 12-yr-old and I spent the day baking b/c there was no way I'd head to the mall today. You are so brave!

  3. I love it Tash… I think your words are strong enough to bridge this great divide. My 12 yr old has a sleep over tonight so I am spared the shopping. See you~(aka Heaven)

  4. whew tash this is one of my favs of yours…fantastic voice through out…def felt as far as the writing out the feelinf felt and those called in absent without and excuse…glad you survived to pen this my friend…

  5. Wow you truly were inspired indeedFrom such art at the dVerse feedSuch a great taleYou weave at the tashtoo trailOh and yeah the malls are scaryThings can get hairySo avoid them I doThat face it fact is true

  6. so felt this tash.. can you hear me shouting back at you in understandingover mountains and through the seas in sympathy of your plight…? i often feel the same honest voice here – and glad you survived the shopping madness..

  7. Natasha,This perfectly addressed the image of the prompt. The poem has great depth and emotional resonance. The reader (especially if he/she happens to be a writer or artist) is going to remember this, especially the last four lines, well after the reading's done. Excellent job on this.

  8. As evening overtakes the sunshe knows that the time has come, the moment to decidebut she wonders if there are words strong enoughTo bridge this great divide….I love this, so true and powerful.Great write!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Very compelling free verse write from you Natasha–the support from far and wide (or in digital form) especially real to me–and may some of its very real desire(from me, anyway) to hold you safe get through as you float in the cold air over that great divide.

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