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Breathing Fire ~ OpenLinkNight

Breathing Fire

Hit the street
Still time to meet
This pile of words
Spit at my feet
Time to learn
Time to burn
Time to rise
Time to defeat
These prison chains
Won’t hold me down
Won’t make me silent
Here chained to ground
I won’t stay quiet
No need to riot
This word weaver’s on
Spread the words, spread the thoughts
Original or maybe not
Don’t let them win
Don’t let them wave
Up in the sky
That burning flag
Rat-tat tat
Like old skol scat
Ella and Charlie
And even Fats
No one had the nerve
To control their words
To tame the rhythms
Or wrangle the herds
Be the speaker, be the one
To speak the words despite the gun
Fear not loss you will go down
In history you’ll wear your crown
It’s not always easy
It could be real hard
But them’s the breaks
When you live by your heart
Don’t let them beat you
Don’t quite your mind
Freedom of speech
Can be too hard to find
So spit your words
And speak them loud
Become your you
And shout it proud
We are here to hear you know
Speak them fast or speak them slow
Speak them soft and whisper light
Become word bender
Prove you’re write.
 Okay Poets! Having a bit of fun in honor of OpenLinkNight!!! Claudia is setting the stage, and the mic will be yours starting at 3pm EST.  Word benders unite…and remember you are ALWAYS welcome at dVersePoets  
BIG NEWS AT dVERSE!! Did you know Brian, Claudia and Gay all appear in the newest release from Williow Tree Press?  Order your own copy of In the Presence of Poets Volume 2 here

44 thoughts on “Breathing Fire ~ OpenLinkNight

  1. woohooo… you are on fire for sure mrs. tash!! i think you def. should go into politics…i would vote for you anytime – love the passion in this natasha and thanks for the shout out on the book

  2. "it could be real hard but, them's the breaks" love that! love the whole thing! Your voice, the pace the theme. You are so clever! I aspire Tash! Nice work!Kellie@BackyardPonders

  3. "Call out the instigator 'cause there's something in the air""They come, they come to build a wall between us… don't let them win"If anybody, I'll bet you know what two songs thoselyrics are from..Very inspiring poem, Tash…I'm ready to hit the streets with you!

  4. I love this.The rhythm is excellent and the way it builds, and builds and just keeps building is aces.Really reminded me of jazz and beat style poetry.Excellent work.

  5. The poetics of zeal is right along these lines — hot, fast, hard, urgent, getting to the point without splitting verbal hairs. You nailed it — said it well, too. – Brendan

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