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Motherless ~ OpenLinkNight ~ dVersePoets

It has been a super busy week once again in the real world adventure I refer to as life.  I have to give a HUGE shout-out to Mark Kerstetter for providing such an amazing prompt for Poetics last week.  I may not have made it to post, but I can certainly say in my efforts, I have produced a number of attempts. One of which I am presenting here for my OpenLinkNight Post. So, as one of the best poets I’ve yet to encounter steps up to man the bar (yes, Brian Miller…I’m pointing my finger at you) I ask you to forgive me my absence, accept this drink on me, and prepare to settle in for another fantastic evening with the dVersePoet family.


She stands upon the shore, toes buried in the cool sand
Even the cry of the gulls cannot penetrate her walls,
Nor does the sea foam of the incoming tide warrant herattention.
The sun is setting, a ball of molten fire in the sky
Melting into the ruddiness of the burnt umber water
That is the Bay of Fundy.
There are ships upon the horizon now
Returning home from their pirating adventures
Traps set, quotas met, yet she pays no mind.
She has stood like this for many life times
Held in place, enchanted, by the lure of the sea
The taker, the maker, the gut of humanity
But it has been in this life time, she has watched herbleed out
As her children wash up upon the shore
Slick, greasy, awash in rainbow black,
Poisoned at the hands of her stewards
Whose minds she has witnessed slowly invaded
Corrupted by nothing less than the desire for more.
The salt of the sea must not be mistaken
For the salt that now stings her parted lips.
Swallowing tear drops, born of the mutilation of all thatwas once pure.
Her heart is now the heaviest it has ever been, her blood
The blood of generations, faltering in its power
As it tries to fuel a heart that has lost hope.
A sand crab skitters before her, knowing better than toapproach
There is a wildness in her eyes, a fire that smoulders
Despite the air of defeat that surrounds her.
That her children were born of free will
That she will guide only when asked.
Who knew the world would fall under the pressure offreedom.
The time for influence and guidance is now long past.
The children, who, in her efforts to let them live
Have somehow forgotten her…her love, her nurturing, herwrath
They have grown wild in their lack of supervision
The few have chosen the fate of many
And now the cleansing will come.
Between slim and delicate fingers
A simple clam shell, long abandoned
Catches the glow of the sun’s last rays
And with a sigh that stops the waves
She tosses it gently to the water’s edge
And for the first time
Mother turns from tide
Knowing the time has come
To let the fate of her children, run its course.

43 thoughts on “Motherless ~ OpenLinkNight ~ dVersePoets

  1. Running wild you sayThat can be quite the displaySometimes nothing one can doBut let them learn what is trueHave to walk on their own two feetAnd each to their own beatAs always such a treatEven if you've yet to encounter poor Brian for a meet and greet..haha

  2. yikes…strong use of language ma'am in settign the scene and tone of your piece…the rainbow black slick children…as for kids, we have to let them go and love them, letting them know we still stand by the shore as they come and go, there if needed…on a side note i am not looking forward to this time IRL…but i think it also makes a great metaphor for releasing our poems into the world for what they are worth…and a couple other things too..i was just checking on you the other day, so please no pressure cause i miss reading your work, and cant wait for your book…smiles.

  3. The hardest thing about being a mom is letting and then watching our children suffer the consequences of their actions. You've captured that well here. Happy Open Link Night and congrats on your book. I will be checking it out soon 🙂

  4. A beautiful write…..Mother turns from tideKnowing the time has comeTo let the fate of her children, run its course.I love these lines….so hard to let them go. And yet we give them wings so they can.

  5. Natasha,Very powerful. Using the sea gives this an iconic or epic tone. The detail at the end, giving the clam back to mother ocean, was for me very ingenious. Very fine writing.

  6. Tash, powerful piece, love how you voiced this one out. The mother aspect, and the water has always fascinated me, as it's directly linked to the earliest of mythologies, the black…rainbow line is a great example of the types of lines you put in here, powerful, drawing on opinion and the reality of situations. Powerful write. Thanks

  7. I take it that you are speaking of the Bay of Fundy her lifetimes of children come and gone —beautiful work Natasha…we are all born of salt water…your methaphors are wonderful..bkm

  8. Powerful…All of it especially the ending which is beautifully done. It does feel as if Mother has turned away. What more can She do if we, Her children, don't smarten up. At the same time I have hope, hope because many have begun to remember Her after having turned away from Her so long ago. I guess it's in our hands now. Thank you for sharing this one.

  9. MMm as a mother of 2 older children one a true adventurer yet again preparing to leave for another trip I can really relate to this …thanks for putting into words how I sometimes feel x x

  10. Powerful, emotive and descriptive. I really enjoyed this because our fav walk was always in a cove overlooking Northumberland Strait. Your mention of the Bay of Fundy brings it so real because it's usually on CTV news and, my best friend and her sister used to having a fishing boat and fished for lobster every year. So, lots of images in here.Sad, because what you say is true. A beautiful write.

  11. excellent tash – crab – you had a crab ref – im into crabs this week lolhey this is deep under the skin stuff and your treat it well and deliver something worth reading.big up ^^^^ poets!

  12. Whoa, intensely beautiful & chilling piece. I am fascinated and impressed by the depth and imagery you exhibit in this poem. I agree with Brian's sentiments – I am going to go home tonight and hug my children tight! Well done.

  13. I wanted to cry, "Mother, why hast thou foresaken me?!?" But I know that every time I turn on a light switch or start my car I am striking another blow against the Mother.Knowing the huge tides on that bay in ordinary times, I envision the even more monstrous ones to come with global warming sea rise. The dark tide of our own choosing is coming in.Thanks for this one!

  14. Favorite line, "The taker, the maker, the gut of humanity"I read this as what we as humanity are doing to the earth, but I can see the parent/child aspect, too. Either way, it's beautiful with strong language and evocative images. Even better that several of us can come away with something different. On a side note, thanks for always being supportive 🙂

  15. Gaea's giving up, letting go.the message is stringent…it's too late to turn back now.nice story-poem with a moral message and a final resolution which doesn't bode well for her disobedient children.clean tercet structure, great imagistic phrases of depiction. work well written, well done.

  16. I am in this place right now, the place you right of; sometimes I dream of being a new mother again – sometimes, though they're grown they become small children for a moment again, as if begging me to reassure them again and then let them free once more. A brilliant poem, beautifully executed, about a place in life difficult to write of and yet as real as birth. Well done!

  17. Yes, Tash, you can sure build a mood… amd then bring on the thunder… The build in intensity is directed by the shift from general to specific, universal to personal. There is much I can identify with here.. parenting (just one of your themes I think) is a tricky thing.. but loving their unsought loves and freedoms is part of the gold…

  18. I love the force and passion in this Mother's voice…I can identify with your sentiments as I am also a mother. alas, we can't live for our children but let them face the consequences of their actions ~

  19. I know you're talking about children, but can't help thinking of Mother Earth…giving up on her children…the stewards of this planet. That image is haunting me and I can't give it up. Beautiful imagry and metaphor here.

  20. There's always been something striking about the visuals of the lone figure, standing silhouetted against the wind and the sand as the tides whip waves before them…and for this particular lady, it's an absolutely perfect visual at that. Mother Earth – the things she must think as she looks upon her children. Such poignant, fetching lines in here Natasha – with a hard-hitting delivery. Forceful, but beautiful, with an ending that hammers it all home: "To let the fate of her children, run its course." Abandoned. Motherless. Behold how the world turns…

  21. I could see her there, and I could understand completely the abandonment–yet, I think she has her own plans in that last line of hers–if we don't allow sanity and grace to control us, then we will get the opposite, which should lead to our eventual return to the nothing we came from–then it can all begin anew. Loved it Tash.

  22. A mother somehow knows that there's a time when she must simply give up. That is a hard decision for any parent to make and the difficulty of it comes thru here very clearly. The breadth of vision required to paint the vastness of the world is clear and perceptive. I wish I could say that the vision is wrong, but I fear that the time has perhaps arrived when a terrible catastrophe awaits humanity.

  23. This is terrific; I've read it through several times. I hear the voice of Mother Earth or God in female form,saddened at how we have turned out and what we have done to the land…she's just gonna turn her back…that's a scary thought. One of these days soon, we're gonna be held accountable for our actions.

  24. Natasha, this brought tears to my eyes.I do love everything ocean and tide. And love Mother earth.I believe all is healing, tho. And all is well in these molecules of stardust dancing.xxo

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