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Aspirations ~ OpenLinkNight

This week at the pub sees the return of Joe! If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to get to know this awesome spirit, I urge you this week to give him a visit.  Coach Joe Hesch has kept me in this poetry game more times than I can mention, and I owe him HUGE for his support and inspiration.

As a matter of fact, I owe you all.  After last weeks pity party and so many kind and thoughtful comments that had me in tears…I am happy to say you’ve lead me to a better place.  Without this community, I have to wonder if I’d even still be writing…

So, my dearest Poets…when ever the real world has you doubting your purpose, your efforts, your words…know you can count on the fantastic dVersePoets to help get you through.  We are indeed community and here’s to another fantastic OpenLinkNight where we get to show the world just how strong we really are. 


I’ve often wondered about them girls.
You know the ones,
lips red like cherries,
fingernails long as a jungle cats
and pantyhose bought from catalogs…
not Woolworth’s.
Mama tells me to look away
whenever we have to venture to the city
and the market where we
get to sell pumpkins by the ocean.
And Daddy…
well, he tells me the same
but I see him sneaking looks
eyes as big as saucers.
I know Mama’s never looked
quite that shiny.
You can hear them laughing
as they smoke their cigarettes
leaning up against lamp posts
with furs wrapped round their necks
and high heels with peep toes
just like movie stars…
Mama gives me a slap when I say that
and gives Daddy one of her
I told you so looks
but they do…and I always wanted to be a movie star.
I know that my old hand me downs
from a sister long ago married off
will never get me noticed.
And no amount of money
will ever change where I’m from.
One day though…I think
as I pile another pumpkin into the bin.
One day I’ll be there with them
and when I send Mama and Daddy their share
then they’ll understand.
And Mama will never have to look at Daddy that way everagain.

48 thoughts on “Aspirations ~ OpenLinkNight

  1. there is an intersting tension underneath this with the parents…and as often when we try to explain away reality, it has all the more allure for children…i do hope she is star, but the right kind you know…

  2. Tash, really clever write. Love the narrator's voice hear, you nailed that innocence and the characterization of the parents although barely in the poem. Perhaps I'm reading the poem a bit skewed, but I love the "misunderstanding" between the kid and what she believes those girls to be and what they really are. Loved it in any case, as interpretation is what the poem's about-at least that's how I always look at. So thanks, great first read for me today

  3. those ladies leaning on the posts sound an awful lot like hookers! Hope that girl became the kinda star who doesnt have to get her nightly rounds in 😉 heheh… great story Natasha. it's always a pleasure to read your work.

  4. That is hilarious! I love the tie-in between the title and the closing:"One day I’ll be there with themand when I send Mama and Daddy their sharethen they’ll understand."

  5. Speaking of seeing people smoking in public … we've taught our girls that it's unhealthy and that they should never smoke. So when my oldest sees someone smoking, she is not shy about calling them out on it with a line like: "Gross! Don't you know that will kill you? Why would you even think about smoking?!" She shouts it out loud, too. 🙂 It's actually quite funny.

  6. Love the narrative here and even more so the perspective you give us from the childs pov. shows how differently and maybe less judgmental they see the world, un tainted and drawing their own conclusions about things before adults have the chance to soak their brain with the formalities of society? I just love this! You must never stop writing Tash! You are brilliant and you inspire so many, myself included. Thank you for always being true and REAL!Love always,Kelliehttp://magicinthebackyard.wordpress.com/2011/11/22/hard-cider/

  7. There but for the grace of God…go I.I've never looked down on street workers. They are doing what they see as a job and, it is the oldest profession in the world. Sex sells. I wouldn't want them at the end of our road but, then, I think they should legalise brothels and take them off the streets and have them at least some place safe.Hard hitting Tash.

  8. Enjoyed the storytelling…nice perspective from the child's point of view. When we were young, we have to dreams to be movie star; and time alone will prove if the path is meant for us or not. Love your voice here ~

  9. Tashtoo…this is really good. It's almost a prose poem with a neat story behind it.Let's face it…the girls are flowers & look good. you make them sound good in your descriptive words. I like the familial interplay amongst your Mama and Daddy & yourself (the narrator/speaker).you could go one with this poem…it's story-like.good job. I enjoyed reading this.

  10. Wow late to the party here at your placeYou really gave this one such and embraceTruly one of your best everVery fun and cleverNever a dull moment with tashtooAnd that face it fact is true

  11. I love the skewed innocent, and childish values, the pumpkins juxtaposed with the worldly women and their furs…and that line at the end…they'll understand…when I send them their share…! Oh, a lovely poem that tells a story…and what we see in the future as the child sees and learns innocence, no doubt, will be tarnished…Wonderful piece, Natasha!

  12. Dear TashtooIts fantastic walk down the memory lane through a girl's eye… I liked it a lot.. Shashiॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah Shivayahttp://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com/2011/11/whispers-sighs.htmlAt Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  13. Ah, through the eyes of a child, where life is not yet jaded, and women on the corner in furs and lipstick could only be "movie stars." Reality vs. perception. I enjoyed reading this tale spun from the eyes of a young girl who dreams of a life other than farming and hand-me-downs. Hope she found it somewhere other than a street corner.

  14. I'm quickly drawn into the world of this poem, the narrator's combination of innocence and close knowledge of her parents' dynamics, the pumpkins vs the cherries. Many little details make the conversational tone perfect (shiny!) — the pumpkin/bin pairing, the cats & catalogs, the wooliness of Woolworth's. There's also a fable quality in the combo of pumpkin-sellers and ocean, Woolworth's and jungle cats.

  15. Great amplification of the family drama, tensions between Mom and Dad over the usual thing other than money (which moves in here too, in the end) bringing a blossoming daughter to center stage. Both parents are right and wrong, and the daughter's choice is her own and probably will piss off both parents no matter what – because that's what becoming an individual means. Great work. – Brendan

  16. Oh you are so true Tash.. I have been struggling to a muse out from my pen but nothing sparkling is coming out . I felt frustrated but then dVerse poets kept commenting on whatever crap I wrote and I feel no matter what I will be back again with sparkle.. I am so glad we are part of this community where our words hold invisible threads to our hearts

  17. And yes about the poem .. I find it a sweet poem narrated quite simply and which flows very nicely/ Nice Write .. Loved the last lines.. One day we sure gonna reach our stars 🙂

  18. This is such a great narrative! I don't usually get to know/understand/believe a character so much in a poem.Also I love "pantyhose bought from catalogs…"Nice writin'.

  19. a narrative voice like this is usually difficult to pull off…but this one is genuine. authentic. real. and leads us all willingly to the stunner at the end. bravo…

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