Flesh & Blood ~ Poetics

I’ve been given some pretty big shoes to fill with today’s prompt at dVersePoets  Brian Miller has teased us with the challenge of writing while keeping “idioms” in mind. Considering we have folks visitng from all over, this should make for some pretty fun reading.  Here’s my addition to the melting pot.

Flesh & Blood

Blood might be thicker than water
but once poisoned can not be cleaned.
However, when degree is considered
along with need and necessity
there may be hope for replacement

Constantly playing devil’s advocate
just to keep things interesting
when drastic times call for drastic measures
and all too soon,  slowly but surely
they all start dropping like flies

To get down to brass tactics
There are going to be times when
you just have to get over it
Let go and let god
because you know in your heart of hearts

Blood is thicker than water.


21 thoughts on “Flesh & Blood ~ Poetics

  1. ha. perfect for this time of year…and spending the holidays with family…some of whom can be rather unsavory…lol…i will have to do a lot of letting go…and sneaking out the back door to get a breath of fresh air…some really fun idioms you strung together…you stephen and bodi are putting the rest of us to shame…

  2. seems you had no problems at all to fill those big shoes natasha…you managed to fit quite some idioms in…blood is thicker than water…we have this as well in german…and i agree with bri..perfect for the holiday season

  3. hmmm…blood is thicker than water. Thanks for that reminder, I'm gonna need it here in the next few weeks as the holidays emerge! I may have to use it as my holiday chanting motto! πŸ™‚

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