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Caged ~ OpenLinkNight ~ dVersePoets


Struggle to prove worth
I write, fight
teasing rebirth
Self-discovery a journal
less formal
prose and poetry
spill from me, no other
under cover, cares
celebrates, pen-envy, hate
trapped ensnared
not me, not there
the battle wages
bloodlines cages
barbwire insults
in it to win it, no
turning back, dodge attack
throwing it out there
words to hear, no fear
no blood drop, no tear
spitting venom, swallow rage
These words I speak
Will know no
Claudia (brilliant word weaver!) is rounding up the Poets for what is bound to be another fantastic evening of words.  OpenLinkNight gets underway at 3pmEST.  Hope you’ll come along, if only to read the amazing writes that bleed out onto the pub tables every week at dVersePoets
Also, for those who may be interested, Inspiration Speaks in now available for purchase.  This collaboration includes some pub favorites and with a portion of proceeds going to benefit ColaLife, you can get your good deed on too!

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