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The Talk

“You know only you can do this…”
I look at him
standing there, blocking the last few rays of sun filtering through the curtains

“You’ve waited long enough, any longer…”
His voice trails off, awaiting my response.
I turn from him, not wanting him to see.

Back to him, I breathe deep
praying the tears that are threatening to overwhelm
don’t fall…there’s been so many lately

and he hates when I do this, he always has
I can’t blame him
I cry over the freakin’ church commercials on TV

Suddenly, his hand is on my shoulder
turning me, there is no pity in his eyes
He is strong. He always has been

The yin to my yang, my rock
My lips move, but no sound emerges
just that shaky breath, that I can’t believe

carries enough air to fill my lungs.
“They’re waiting.”
I know he doesn’t want to push

But he knows he has to.
An entire family is waiting, not knowing
and like him, they too look to me.

I nod, and take his hand in my own
and without a word
we move as one, both dreading

the conversation to come.

Today at Poetics, Claudia has teased us with a call and response prompt.  Communication and conversation, swirling around us 24/7…my many and varied personalities won’t even quiet themselves to let me sleep! 😉  So…I’ve learned to appreciate the silence that can sometimes answer that call.  Hope you’ll join us today at the pub.  dVerse is calling you…will you respond?


27 thoughts on “The Talk ~ Poetics ~ dVersePoets

  1. wow tash you painted a whole picture with your words..allowing us a deep glimpse not only showing us what's outside but also what's inside…very well done..much enjoyed..

  2. This is such a horrible feeling, whatever the uneasy conversation may be about:"we move as one, both dreadingthe conversation to come."~arbitrarymeaning.blogspot.com

  3. Aww how sad… it's as if love knows the way, even though the couple maybe don't. What a deeply moving write and an even more awesome read. (even if this is fiction, it's darned good)

  4. How many of us go through situations like these…go through life with still so much not dealt with, but still choose to push forward, knowing that there's somehow comfort with the one you choose to go through life with….I know I have. At times it's not easy, but situations call for beautiful poems, such as this, to be created.

  5. ooo. tight situation. unknown, unspoken….but it doesn't matter: the recipe fits many/most situations. Yeah! these two know each other well, so that some words don't need to be spoken.good work here!

  6. Very interesting, really engages from the first word, and the ambiguity of just what is waiting is nicely adjusted to pique the curiosity, let the reader fill in the blanks. Like most overheard conversations. Very real, and really good, Tash.

  7. Such a vivid glimpse into a dialogue on which so much seems ot be at stake.Your poem evokes the heightend sense of intensity at such a moment. I was drawn in from the first line and didn't want to let go by the last!

  8. the trepidation of the family meeting to discuss ????/ can really be felt in this we've all been there at some point …horrible but you wrote and conveyed it brilliantly ….thank you x

  9. I look at this as a talk b/t someone (doctor, perhaps?) and God, who is giving the other strength to tell a family some bad news. I know, I'm probably totally off with this, but you really got my imagination going!

  10. Vivid capture of the moment before one has to say something important and probably unpleasant to close ones. So glad the narrator has her partner, though it seems all to fall on her shoulder.

  11. well done Natasha.. this could be the prelude to more writes on this couple.. their shared intimacy, the conversation to come..my curiosity wants to know, What is the news?Well done my friend..

  12. One can only imagine what awaits, and I agree (probably everyone feels this way) it seems like it always falls on the speaker "to get it done", organize, convey the message, be the envoy, the diplomat, the "fixer". Every woman I know feels that way and at least half the men. The other half of the men have a "fallback". Excellent write, just enough said!

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