Two in one day? What’s that you say?  So, once again my pen has wandered far from prompts and memes, and this will be here for all to see…but there will be no tweets, no shares from me.  This is simply writing because I have to.  A rough piece, written and edited as I go…will no doubt be long, judging from the scribbles in my notebook beside me, so fellow fiends, I do hope you enjoy, this unrehearsed voice.  That is…if you find your way here 😉


Michael is a man
but he’s something close to holy
he lives all by his lonesome
but he always has a smile
and if you really listen
on the few times he has spoken
you will know that he’s a genius
and he’s never really lonesome
or alone

He saw her stroll up Davis Lane
on that sultry, Sunday morning
and Kathy never knew
he was at the oak tree watching
and she didn’t know
as she walked into the parlour
she would find the lady waiting
the wife of secret lover
not near as sultry as the morning
not alone

From the tree he heard her screaming
but he never thought to stop it
he’s something close to genius
and he’s really close to holy
but he knows when he’s not wanted
he knows when he’s not needed
If sin’s to leave us bleeding
we should be left to bleed it
and so he went to walking
on that Sunday sultry morning
all alone

Leaving Kathy with the bodies
she would bury neath the roses
her lover gone to ground
and the wife that did the shooting
and she prayed no one was watching
but she’s not used to praying
and with the bodies went the gun
the only time she touched it
and she knew the stories would be spreading
she could almost hear them talking
though alone.

Michael heard them talking
but he knows they’re always talking
and he never shared a word
for he never did speak loudly
and the truth that became buried
in the yard beneath the roses
would remain there with the bodies
slowly festering and rotting
and the town would keep on talking
and Kathy would soon be walking
the row alone

Michael is a man
but he’s something close to holy
and he let the truth stay buried
below the stems of wild roses
and the scent would lead him singing
sounding something close to holy
but no angels joined his chorus
but he would keep on singing
all alone.


24 thoughts on “Michael

  1. Fox…you're fast! I don't know about Michael either. But he did want to be written about. Perhaps he will evolve to something more…and I guess too, it would depend on definition of holy. The good book says though shall not covet thy neighbors wife…it says nothing about husbands 😉

  2. You shouldn't be wasting your wit and charm on an unread post, dear Silver! It might just up and disappear! You're only fast cause your buzzed up on candy corn and marshmallow peeps!

  3. Such a dirty old FoxHere in the comment boxMichael seems to be a little less holyAnd a little more umm rollieAs he batted his eyes awayAnd let the rotting begin well others had their little gossip sayI guess maybe interveining was a sinSo he thought sitting out was a win

  4. Hey there PatI was waiting for youSee what I did today?I did two!I would have been devastatedHad I sat all night and waitedto not hear a word from youbut low and behold you came thru!Thanks for your visitThanks for the rhymeMight be I'll return to this piecesome other time

  5. I told you they would eventually. Now you know why I usually don't post more than 3 or 4 times a week, so one post doesn't upstage another. (That's not a suggestion to you or anyone else, I should add. Just my own choice. If I had thousands of readers who checked my site several times a day, that might change!)

  6. Tash, well-spun tale, appreciate the way you structured it, excellent display of story-telling. Side-Note: these conversations here in the comment box are great:)

  7. Fred! You found your way to the great unread post! 🙂 (The ones I'm actually able to comment back to everyone on!) Thanks for your kind words…this post will live on for another day 🙂

  8. Why is it "unread," just because it doesn't tie into any of the meme-sites you play with? The stuff that comes unbidden from your own mind is probably worth even more than what's prompted by others.

  9. Don't get me wrong! I LOVE the prompts and the memes and the folks I get to interact with and read…but I like the laid back approach of the great "unshared" post. (Sound better?) Most of all, because I can engage and keep up! lol And the stuff that comes unbidden from my own mind, normally doesn't make it past the notebook. I can't have you all knowing for sure I'm crazy! Gotta be some mystery, right?

  10. oo nice bit of story telling…glad i found it before you removed it…perfect for halloween morning as i think michael has more bats in his belfry than he is holy…seriously this one did not show up in my reader…why?

  11. Happy Halloween, Brian! Hope the spooks and specters aren't too rough with you. I do not profess to know the inner workings of blogger…but I must say, it's been having a field day with me and my perceived personal space. Ghosts in the machine, Poet…fair warning!

  12. well now so do I know about the not so 'holy' Michael ~ or maybe he was but on this occasion 🙂 ~ but so many people now know of Michael ~ is he one of those Michaels who walk on by ~ not my problem leave to someone else ~ don't want to get 'my hands dirty' on another's soiled and embroiled ~ how can you be blamed if you do nothing at all ~ don't alter events ~ or 'whistle call' ~ but he WAS 'holy' after all ~ Think he'll have to stay Tash ~ too many know of him now :))) ~ Hugs Lib x(Just looked at the date ~ seems he's fated to stay ~ just don't know why he came my way 😦 ~ Eek!!

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