Meeting the Bar ~ dVersePoets ~ The End

Today at dVerse sees the return of poet Emmett Wheatfall.  The challenge we are met with today, revolves around the term “conflation”, which, as described by Emmet, means “to bring together, meld or fuse…to combine into one whole.”  I must confess, I remained stumped for quite some time as I pondered this term, and I’m not sure I’m pleased at all with what my pen produced, but I’m laying it down here for you all to have a look at, and you can let me know where that pen may have strayed.  Rather than prattle on, I’ll simply lead you to….

The End

Too new to yet be tainted
life…so vibrant….lost now
to the stark coldness
that comes with antiseptic
aromas, panicked shouts, alerts
alarms beeping
duct taped monitors
all you could afford
coat hangers do more
than keep wrinkles from your
top of the line three piece
you’ll never admit to wearing
ripping, tearing, no air
save for a dime store ventilator
hiss, suck, hiss, suck

limbs bare, stripped down
North wind holds ransom
forgotten dreams of green
Ice scraping, bodies slipping
crimson clusters
skin tight
house freezing, chaffing
no funds to fuel the fire
empty hearth, empty heart
cold…so very cold
lips chapped
hiss, suck, hiss, suck


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