The Time Has Come~OpenLinkNight

I’m throwing back to an old one for this weeks OpenLinkNight.  It’s not something I like to do, but in my desire to write something positive and uplifting…I was given no choice.  So, as Brian Miller mans the forte this week,  I am going to urge you all to be the biggest and best Creators you can be.  Maybe the presence that is dVersePoets should run for office. A little bit of you, a little bit of me, a world filled with light, laughter, poetry! That’s my cheeseball moment for this week 🙂  And if any are interested, we’re devoting this weeks Issue of The River Journal to our voices. Our thoughts, opinions.  We’ve already seen the news isn’t interested in sharing them! So if you get a chance, drop us a line before Thursday, and we’ll do our best to see your voice is shared.  On that note…dear dVerse champions, I share with you…Creators

Creators take charge!
Account for these beasts
Who own the shadows we’ve allowed to invade
Our gentle lands.
Blocking our light,
We have let ourselves cower
Thinking we’ve no other choice
But to let them rule our minds.
Sharpened pencils stab our hearts
Calling our earnings their own
Feasting upon the harvest
Of those less fortunate.
Creators take charge!
This world is ours to empower!
The powers that be
We permit to be
Take back your power!
Raise your voice to be heard!
It is our truth, our dignity
That will pay the price.
You are worth
So much more than they have led you to believe
You are loved
so much more than you know!
Creators take charge!
Own your magnificent power,
Let the light they have tried to smother
Shine bright enough for all
Allow yourselves to become
The glorious gods and goddesses
You have forgotten you have always been
Throughout all our shared eternities
You are divinity manifested
Within this earthly realm
You are, within yourself
The miracle you have been waiting for.
2010 Natasha Head

52 thoughts on “The Time Has Come~OpenLinkNight

  1. Ha! Sounds like something that could have come from a history of comic books, believe it or not. Lots of big characters created under work-for-hire rules.I know, that's a very narrow take on it, but still, it did touch a chord!

  2. Creators in the early days of comic books (1930s-1970s) rarely owned the rights to characters and concepts they created. Company owners became millionaires while the creators often died in poverty, as broken-down alcoholics, and worse.Obviously, your poem embraced creators of all kinds, but with the "Comical Wednesday" posts I've been doing, naturally my mind is in "that place."

  3. Look you're rhyming in the comments you give backGoing on the rhyme attack at your shackI will give no flackAnd very nice dVerse whackSo true we are our own creators and can seekOut all we want but letting it leakUnless you are one of Fox's screwed over comics from early daysThen those greedy mooks take all the dough and your idea no longer pays

  4. Borg…I know the miracle that you are…that's why I joined your revolution!Silver…sounds similar to many of the young musicians signed up to the contracts of the machine…imagine! I've not the room to rant on such things…that is why the Creators must take back their power. Imagine our world with without poetry, song, art, uggg! Pat…if not for the facts, I'd never do a rhyme attack…that fault lies with you, yes it is true…and I always love when you visit my shack, and that dear readers is a just face it fact! (Note the side bar, click the link, you don't even have to think!)

  5. power to the poets,to the artists creators who chisel manifestos and act on them, spray them big in bold colors or muted in puddles, but just dont sit and wait for the world to fix itself…we are the creators…now act like it…smiles.

  6. Tash, you always make me want to protest – next time I'll bring a placard and some markers! You fire me up! This is a lovely call to embrace our role in society (I've spent many years as an artist advocate – more than 90% of US artists (any area) make less than $7,000 a year)! Ha, looks like I remembered to bring my soapbox (shocking).

  7. Anna, I will gladly set up your soap box and paint your posters! The world needs fixing…and it seems the ones we've been counting on have fallen short. Power to all who desire to make the world a better place, where artists are revered as they used to be at one time. We can get back to that, right? Anyone who cares should care enough to follow along with you, to see what you do… @Chromatopia_LLC

  8. An empowering bit for us today…simply splendid, Natasha. Yell it from the street corners! Power to the artists and the poets – may we change the world, to a better (and more creative!) place 😉

  9. POWER TO THE POET! that's right… we are a driving force… can't let anyone take away the strength of thee poetic verse… right on! or should I say WRITE ON! yeah, write on is cooler. hahah

  10. Love this: "Who own the shadows we've allowed to invadeOur gentle lands."Nice challenging, uplifting piece. A rarity in poetic form. :)~Shawna (iamthat-shawna.blogspot.com)

  11. I'm with Brian….I think we have a definite responsibility…as artists…of all vision…to take back the field.Powerful stuff, Natasha.This took me far afield.Lady Nyo

  12. Good Call Tash! If the creators and artistic minds of our generations stand up to be counted and take charge, then I think this whole world would be a different place….. "Feasting upon the harvest Of those less fortunate……." I think that's really deep because it goes a lot farther than just our employers and politicians profiting from us, but I believe it represents decades, many, many decades of completely disassociated feelings about capitalizing on the poor people of third world countries…. as though there's not a second thought about it… and now all of the financial leaders are getting to understand the idea that the rest of the world is catching up to us, and so their question is "Now who do we capitalize on?" Well, apparently the answer is ourselves….. Very strong poem and completely perfect for the times we are living in!

  13. You know I love it when you get all foamy and carried away, Tash. Enthusiasm is what is so lacking everywhere today, except for the fanatics and the haters–why should they get all the enthusiasm? I say we all need to remember your words here–we as speakers between the real and unreal worlds of dream are needed now more than ever to stir the pot and keep it boiling.

  14. Yes indeed.. create because then new ideas form and wel you know what happens next.. movement..may be an older piece(new to me) but the message is loud and clear and you would be the right one to lead the parade..really enjoyed this!!!

  15. …and the marble said to the sculptor "free me" and Natasha says to the poet "free yourself, speak!" And we do! A most inspiring piece, here, Nathasha. We soar, we let loose with our imagination. Yes! Thank you!

  16. Your attitude and outlook on life shows through this write as vibrant and healthy!And you do it with enthusiasm, which cannot help but rub off on all who read here. Thank YOU!PEACE!

  17. "You are, within yourselfThe miracle you have been waiting for."I never doubted it for a single moment.;-)Thanks for sharing your miracle Natasha. Love bathing in the illumination of your language.

  18. Power be to those who create! Its amazing what we can do with the art we create. Like you Natasha who with your words create a beautiful feeling inside your reader. No matter what never let the creator in you die.

  19. I'm not sure who it is we are rising against, perhaps that part is political, but I love the spiritual part of this piece. I guess I'm more of a walk quietly and carry a big smile kinda girl. Don't mind someone shouting for me though.

  20. Blessed Be and Amen to that! And one creator/poet has taken up the charge in a big way. The new president of Ireland is politician and a poet. He says oh his beloved Ireland and its people: 'We leave behind a narrow individualism that valued the person for what was assumed to be their accumulated wealth but neglected the connection between the person, the social, the community and the nation."Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2055194/Irelands-new-president-Michael-Higgins-condemns-Celtic-Tiger-years.html#ixzz1cJdsDVFV

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