BLUSH! Poetics with dVersePoets

All I’m going to say, is if you want to know what’s up, and what has inspired this write, then you must visit the Poetics party at dVersePoets.  Sheila Moore has brought along Kellie Elmore, and they have presented us a daring prompt indeed…and that’s all I’m saying! It’s rather Taboo.

Death to the Lady

Have you ever been thrown on
the hood of a Firebird in a
hot July rain?

Have you ever moved your hips
as Freebird resonates
through the back parking lot

of a small town watering hole
where everybody knows your name
think they know your game but

wouldn’t they be shocked to see
you here on this car with me, my
skirt riding high, your hands

riding higher, you never
told me you could dance like this
My mama never told me

I could feel like this, because a lady
never does…but we both know
the lady drowned

in a secret bottle of Absolute
and now buttons popped with
you on top, I cry don’t stop

…and bid her a fond farewell

Okay…I tried! Dare you to tackle the prompt of Taboo….hit the pub Now! Seems there might be more than Poetry in motion over at dVerse


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