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Electric Blue ~OpenLinkNight 13~dVersePoets

Constant reminder permanently etched
scraped into ivory skin…to bleed again
Electric blue

A lifetime of worry, a moment of wonder
once crimson, now clotted within my veins
Electric blue

My own faith a testament, to all these lives
well birthed, well lived, all sacrificed
Electric blue

And now you’ve the nerve to tempt me further
testing my faith, teasing my tale
Electric you.

It’s that time of week again Poets! And joy to the world, we’ve got one of my favorites tending to the pub crowd.  Joy Ann Jones (AKA @hedge_witch) has polished up the glasses and set the stage for what promises to be a most delightful OpenLinkNight for week #13…do so hope we see you there!

dVersePoets Pub…where Poets come to play!

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