FormForAll ~dVersePoets~Haiku

The Wheel of the Maritimes
Change, cycles emerge
rhyme and reason know no place
 the mighty sea reigns
From the white blanket
worn so land may find slumber
recharging, fertile
when rains of April
awakens earth to planting
greenery takes hold

until dry, barren
heat of the highest sun bakes
seeds planted erupt
Shorter days harvest
summers sustenance is held
survival blanket
Today Gay (aka @beachanny) is treating us to the form of Haiku & Senryu over at the dVersePub.  Come and play poet with us won’t you, as we take a look at Japanese poetry.  I have choosen to present my own in the 5.7.5 syllable count of Senryu…and if you want to know more, you’ll have to talk to Gay! 😉 

25 thoughts on “FormForAll ~dVersePoets~Haiku

  1. A nice recounting of the seasonal turn. Great discipline in keeping to the form. It sounds a lot like upstate New York, without benefit of the sea, of course. We're lucky to have such wonderful places for inspiration.

  2. I tend to look more for content than form with haiku because I have never grasped the concepts of it, so I'm no judge, but I like the feeling these give of the sheer size of nature and her works–something that always resonates with me–as well as the way the lines march with purpose. A pleasure to read, Tash.

  3. Rosemary is correct about the last three lines – they could and would stand alone as a powerful haiku. I love writing these 5/7/5 as stanzas. And as I did in my sestina, you took the form (gave us pretty much two images in each) and let it flow through the poem as days through a year showing us that special wateriness of the Maritimes especially Nova Scotia. It's a really fine poem.

  4. Tash- very nice. Love this form- I'll probably jump on board tomorrows- little pressed for time today-got a late start- but I love Haikus/Senryu's that are joined to form a united work, especially those that build as each set is stacked upon the previous- you did a great job doing that as well- thanks

  5. Ok… now this would be haikai, right? Still a seasonal element, yet progressing with several verse to combine – longer yet still relational.Stunning imagery carried throughout, peaceful to each season, yet prolific by their combination.

  6. Interesting how we as human are so drawn to patterns, to cycles. Here the seasons are presented so sharply, easily felt and understood. The seeds erupting, life surging through all this, just lovely.Gene

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