OpenLinkNight 12 ~dVersePoets~A Woman’s Way

I don’t know about you poets…but you’ve inspired me to do things I’ve never dreamed…like posting a recording of my poem! The nerves are evident, this is a first, afterall.  The song that inspired this piece, (yes…soundbites included!) is amazing! You can find it in my blog play list if you’d like to see how it really should be sung. 😉 So…not wanting to taint the OpenLinkNight festivities when another is hosting, I’m biting the bullet and going for it, knowing it will all fall on me if it sucks more than I think it does!

Welcome to the pub Poets! Hope you enjoy!

http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F24766932%3Fsecret_token%3Ds-3GbGJ&secret_url=true A woman’s way by Natasha Head

A Woman’s Way

When I was young I thought me free
burdened only by opportunity.
But all too soon it slipped by me,
now through my choices I’m forced to be

a woman blessed with health and home,
a family to call my own
a piece of land that I may roam
a community where I am known.

But still those open spaces sing
of freedom and other such silly things
I must be careful, for my wishes may bring
answered prayers, that only sting.


58 thoughts on “OpenLinkNight 12 ~dVersePoets~A Woman’s Way

  1. The old adage be careful what you wish for rings trueIn this piece by youOr suffer that awful stingFor some little bit of blingAnother wonderful pieceAnd enjoyed your new poet releaseLetting your voice ring trueThat was great through and throughPost up early tooWhat's gotten into you?..hahaha

  2. woohoo! you got a standing ovation at Starbucks…haha…like the song intro and extro…yeah i hear you on the answered prayers stinging…been there…wanderlust runs my veins at times…like how you wrap the first and third stanzas around the reality of the middle…

  3. Ok, first of all your beautiful voice literally gave me goosebumps as I listened to you sing. Your poem rocks – as always. You have grown so much as a writer and poet these last few months. I am so happy for you!Second of all, now I am crying because of the last lines of that song "I rely upon the moon and St. Christopher." Just magical, Tash, truly inspirational and breathtaking. Thank you, thank you for sharing yet another one of your God-given talents with us. You are a beautiful soul and I am blessed to be a part of this ……well, whatever we have going on here in cyberspace (smiles)

  4. You guys are all amazing! I was scared to death to do this…and probably would have deleted by now if not for you. Thank YOU for giving me the courage (yes, I was going to use another word!) to do this. It's been a LONG while!

  5. It takes a lot of guts — yes, I was going to use "another word," too — for most people to sing in front of others. And even though you weren't literally standing in front of a crowd when you sang this, it must have been somewhat daunting to post it knowing that theoretically, at least, anyone with internet access could come along and hear this.Having said that, you had no reason to be hesitant, judging from the finished product. There's a reason most singers have back-up bands, full orchestras, or at least an acoustic guitar for accompanyment: Instruments can smooth out the rough edges. Your a capella gift to us showed bravery as well as talent.I don't need to search for this song in your playlist "to see how it really should be sung." I've already heard that. thanks to you.

  6. Tash, that was amazing. Truly Amazing. The poem is very nice, sentimental and personal. The last line was a great way to end, as Be Careful What You Wish for, not only speaks the truth, but was a nice twist there. As to your recording- Best I've heard done. Who needs instruments when you have your voice- it's really good and really glad you continue to share your talents with all of us:)

  7. somehow the player isn't working – will come back to listen…would've loved to hear your voice… great poem natasha – i so get what you mean…beautifully penned

  8. Wonderful work, the piece really does sing. Player didn't work for me either – they often don't. Might take an exception to the work "other" – never considered "freedom" silly, but that's a philosophical thing and one I've had to consider throughout my life in depth and indeed. But I like your voice here.

  9. Ahhh, Natasha you express this very well. This desire to roam past our own home. See what adventures we can find.And hey, you know what's cool — things really do get better as we age, new opportunities come into view. And lovely moments every moment, if we let them through, so the wise ones say. :)AWESOME write, I really liked this!

  10. My experience is definitely be careful what you wish for. I'm happy with how it turned out…more than happy really, but it was painful getting here. And sometimes we always wonder.Nicely done.I hope the player will work soon for me, too. Wonder what's up.

  11. Hiya,Beautiful poem! For some very annoying reason my laptop won't play your recording :(But having posted my own voice recordings online and read in public in Starbucks recently (funnily enough, Brian) you are incredibly brave to not only read BUT SING! Bravo! :)Abi 🙂

  12. Beautiful words, and I can't wait to hear them sung! Maybe you could post the soundcloud link from your soundcloud site? I don't know if that would work. Hopefully, it works itself out. For some reason, it seems like your page is not fully loading for me. So frustrating. Grrr. Wish I was a techie 🙂

  13. no song to be heard but beautiful and meaningful words we can all identify with …thanks for being the hostess who gives the mostest x

  14. This is beautiful, Natasha! Wish I could hear your voice, but I'm sure the player will be back up eventually. 🙂 I really love the ending, "prayers that sting." Wonderful message. I'm totally mortified to do spoken word/sing, btw.

  15. But still those open spaces singof freedom and other such silly thingsI must be careful, for my wishes may bringanswered prayers, that only sting.This really speaks to me right now. Thanks for sharing. It's all about the sacrifices we make in the places that we find ourselves, isn't it?

  16. Sometimes when I long for more freedom, I think twice. Everything was so much easier when we were younger, when graduating meant the whole world was at our command and suddenly… well, you know. You said it much more beautifully and succinctly than I ever could. Truly enjoyed.Beth

  17. So lovely Natasha…I sense it comes right from your very essence…"But still those open spaces singof freedom and other such silly thingsI must be careful, for my wishes may bringanswered prayers, that only sting."I love the referral to 'wishes'…and oh, how this can be so very true!Thanks for sharing your thoughts…Roger ☺

  18. I love your quatrains, Natasha–so sorry not to hear the sound. Maybe next time. But this sings in its own way loudly enough, and those last lines are all too true–I often catch myself holding back those wishes lest the old saying happen "be careful what you wish for…"

  19. Don't Need MuchI walk the wilderness when it suits meBut I don't own it or want toWhat good is wilderness with a mortgage on it.Nor do I own anything on "this side"No new car to impress peopleMy wife doesn't have a diamond ringNo season tickets to anythingBut taking walks into NatureDon't own a homeDon't have a pensionNo flat screen TVDon't have no tensionI have a gardenBut the seasons Put an end to thatIn the freezerSome green beans and pestoNo I don't have muchBut I sure as hellDon't need to own itNeitherI am happy With just what my eyes seeMy ears hearMy nose smellsI'll take what I gotIf I need a breakI'll walk the wilderness when it suits meLove-Tiger Windwalker

  20. You have captured well the dilemma of having made choices that make a comfortable life for yourself and yet always wondering if some other choice, even now, might bring greater freedom. I would as: Freedom from what? Freedom to what?It's true that sometimes we craft for ourselves masks that seem to grow too restrictive. I still wince when I remember the interview I did for Valentine’s Day one year with Marilyn Chambers, the porn star ("Behind the Green Door") while I was a featured daily newspaper columnist. My editor refused to publish it and declared: "Chuck Elliott wouldn't DO this!" Sigh…Charles Elliotthttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oP1RmQ1HVhw

  21. So lovely….. time slips by and finds us living in a happy home life, with a loving family and surrounded by caring people…… It may not be what our hopes and dreams started out to be, but sometimes we need to be careful what we wish for.. It sounds like you are counting the blessings Natasha, and it's wonderful.. Audio link isn't working for me… I upgraded Acrobat but still nothing… I so wanted to hear your voice….

  22. So unfortunate not to hear the sound on this one! But your words still sing a beautiful melody of this sweet life transformed beyond all that those wishes could have been. Yet still, we must always consider what we wish for, though it could be a greater cost to go for those wishes.

  23. Lovely, I thoroughly enjoyed your gorgeous voice, but then I knew it would be – sending lots of admiration your way and appreciation for your 'investment' in my company. Keep being brave!

  24. This is gorgeous. Every single thing about it. Gorgeous absolute melancholy. Very poignant piece. Really, there are no words to accurately describe this. It's just…perfect. The imagery. The tone. The voice….I can't wait to see another piece from you. <3- Nick

  25. Wow!!!! You have an amazingly sweet voice 🙂 And you sing so well.. And about the poem .. its lovely catches so much that I too feel at times.. Loved it … Its superb !!!

  26. i've never been more impressed. never. and u would have had to have visited my life to know i've heard a lot. my soul hasn't been touched like this in a long time. i need a visit home. i've never been more impressed.

  27. Will have to return once SoundCloud has its stuff together. As for the poem really enjoyed the flow and message, we receive what we ask for and sometimes not always in the way we think it will arrive, beautifully put this in words. My best ~ Rose

  28. Crud…the sound thingie won't play for me. It just sits there. Phooey.This poem is the truth, ain't it? Some things look better, baby, just passing through. (as the philosopher Elton John once sang).

  29. Yay!!! I heard you, and I am doing a happy dance! Woo-hoo!!! This is awesome, Natasha 🙂 You have a lovely, soulful voice, and I'm so glad I got to hear it finally. The only problem is that now I want more, so get busy, chica. Congratulations on conquering your fears!

  30. So glad I returned…. the audio worked this time! It was so good to hear your voice read that poem, and you are right, that soft song is certainly beautiful…. Though I don't know how to find it on your blog, it certainly is wonderful here in a Capella..

  31. loved it…I freak out just reading to sing it was bold and its beauty shows! Glad I got to hear the audio tonight.And~I have nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award. Your site always inspires me in poetry and I believe you deserve this recognition. Please claim your award and follow the three requirements for this award. It is my honor to nominate you for this award. Thank you.http://wp.me/p1lGBx-qO

  32. Natasha,I finally got the sound file to work. Great reading and singing (and very fine material). Not a surprise that it works so well together. Someone once said that great poetry should never be far from song…Your reading of "A Woman's Way" makes this clear. This was a great enjoyment.

  33. That tension between freedom and responsibility. Both have benefits; both have costs. And choosing one can lead to yearning for the other. Good poem (and recording).

  34. congrats on stepping to the mic…I think you should get bonus points for adding your voice in song.I like the poem…the idea of being forced to blessed and wanting more. your words about "open spaces" reminded me of a song that often pops into my head…"is there life out there/ so much she hasn't done?/ is there life beyond her family and her home?/ she's done what she should/ should she do what she dares?…" -Is There Life Out There by Reba McEntirelovely job!

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