Meeting the Bar~dVersePoets~The Ghost

This week at Meeting the Bar, Poet Emmett Wheatfall takes the stage to share his thoughts on the craft. The purpose of this feature is for us to learn and improve, growing confidence in our work, and becoming better Poets. I am truly excited, and feel incredibly blessed to have this valuable resource, and such a vibrant community to share my bumps and bruises with! Again, I do find the process of critique incredibly intimidating, more so because of the talent that oozes through the pub walls, and it did take some battling with myself to work up the nerve to post…but like the lottery, you can’t win it if your not in it, and if I am sincere in my desire to become a better poet, then I best get over myself real quick! So, dear dVersePoets…thank you, and as always…be gentle! 😉

The Ghost

It’s there
though I can’t see it
its weight is felt

Like pressure building
to the point of explosion
but the fuse remains

stagnant, unlit
no fire to speak of.
Its tools lay

steel gray, bleeding blue
on a backdrop of unmarred
pure, stark

plainness…yes, dancing in shadows
it taunts, teases, belittles

my space, my time
impedes my mind
hindered by the half thought

as my blood turns to blue
begins to seep through
but the idea, the great epiphany

purpose remains
hidden behind the veil
dead. Much like vapor it

wets the ink just enough
to curl the paper’s edge.
While slowly my thoughts succomb

to the ghost.


16 thoughts on “Meeting the Bar~dVersePoets~The Ghost

  1. The ghost in the machine, sure sounds keen. But between you and me, you have a way, way, way, way better chance of increasing skills and thrills, not the you need too, that ever winning the lottery..haha, another fine verse.

  2. Natasha–You've captured it so well, we've all been there and each stanza rings true. The way in which you've strung together this litany of frustration certainly works for me. Fine thoughts, fine phrasing. Super imagination in framing the issue. I enjoyed it a great deal.

  3. cool poem! I really like the feel of words and inspiration waiting to be set free, and I definitely know that feeling. Wonderfully and purposefully expressed 🙂

  4. feeling the weight of the words..this is when i start to write…loved your poem tash…you captured what can go on inside so well here…and the curling paper/ink line is KILLER!!!

  5. You describe it very well Tash.. that dance with the ineffable. I especially like the segment when you pick up the tools.. face out the unmarred sheet of paper… I feel the pent force there. Great movement in the central section, leading to a vivid image… the tanatalising curl of the paper.

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