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Reality ch ch ch ch ch ch Check ~ Poetics

When I penned this piece this morning, I had no idea what Claudia was up to at the pub for this weeks Poetics prompt…so you can imagine the goosebumps when I read through the prompt (and watched her awesome video!) knowing I had ALREADY responded to it! I’ll let you all have a read, and you can determine for yourselves if we don’t have some synchronicity going down with our dVerse vibes!

Reality ch ch ch ch ch ch Check

The train rumbles through as it always does
middle of the night
without fail
and occasionally I notice. 

Mostly, I remain immune
to the rhythmic rumble
speeding up on its approach
shaking the windows of this ancient house

But sometimes
when I’m feeling lonely, overworked
stressed out and missing my pen
I lose myself in memories

Thinking on how the rumble has followed me
how far the whistle can travel
how haunting it can sound
when rounding the bend to midnight

Everywhere I have ever lived
my love affair has been with the sound
the history, the necessity,
oh yes…sometimes I notice.

Can’t really call it much of a picture, but I wanted to share with you the view from my front porch.  That old train bridge has a time stamp of 1939 on it, and when we were kids, we would cower down when the trains would go by, tucked in under the rails…imagine!  Yes, we were indeed foolish, not to mention incredibly lucky.  So what does the thought of trains do for you?  Come on over to dVerse and share your take on an awesome prompt!


31 thoughts on “Reality ch ch ch ch ch ch Check ~ Poetics

  1. nice…where i grew up we had a train that ran by the bottom of the hill…used to hear it every nightand found it comforting…just up the line i jumped the train for the first time…lots of memories around trains…nice write tash…like the wrap around to the sometimes i notice…

  2. sometimes i notice…you take us deep into the night with your poem tash…i really can feel this…and know exactly what you mean…we're living close to train tracks as well…and my walking route is close to their veins…

  3. what is it with trains – i love the movie the railway children and my train set as a kid was huge – so nostalgic too. – this is fine poetry tash – your final stanza sums it up so well – great prompt at the bar –

  4. I love this, Tash. I still feel horrible about having to critique your wonderful poem last week and have vowed to never do that again.~laurie

  5. There are times at night when I can hear the train on the tracks some 12 blocks south of my house — no whistle, just the sound of wheels on rails. It's much like you describe here. Well done.

  6. My mama lived with the sound of trains in Milwaukee her whole life. Just before she died she made a comment about the train she heard at night and how it reminded her of girlhood. Guess that old train lives many a life.

  7. I still get stuck at the bottom of the damn hill when the train goes by and I'm trying to get to work, thing has like 50 carts attached to it, I actually counted one day..haha…nice reality check

  8. Definitely have the ESP going with the prompt–you cover a lot of miles in this poem, all of them by rail. I've lived so close to urban trains that they shook the window glass, but even that you end up ignoring over time, except for when you do that noticing thing you talk about so well…(my theory is they're comforting–telling you no matter what, the world goes on outside your own small space.)Enjoyed this much.

  9. Wow, if I lived that close to a train track I'd run out every time one came by. I love to watch them. So many great train songs, in addition to City of New Orleans which Claudia sang so brilliantly for us today, I love (and mind you I'm not a huge Johnny Cash fan) but I LOVE Texas 1947, Johnny Mercer's Blues in the Night, Gordon Lightfoot – Canadian Railroad Trilogy, Desperadoes Waiting For A Train..ah it's folklore! Love how your poem took me there. I think you might be psychic.

  10. When my husband and I lived in Cary, NC – we lived just moments from the train. Usually the same day every time, as my husband was coming home from work, he'd either a) beat the train or b) have to wait for it to pass. I'd always know if he got stuck by the train because he'd tweet "stupid train!" every time. Living in Florida now, I miss hearing it every so often. It's just one of those things…bringing the past to the future, connection, I suppose.

  11. Great poem! I love the flow of it. I could relate because I have a train that goes by outside my office – sometimes it's the commuter train and sometimes a freight train. If I'm in the parking lot I definitely notice it! But if I'm in my office I might notice, but I might not. And so cool how you wrote this before you saw the prompt. Peace, Linda

  12. Very cool that you wrote this before the prompt announced, lovin' the kismet of it. The familiarity of a constant draws us home just when we need I often find, love how you expressed that here. ~ Rose

  13. Reminds me of a friend of mines house he once had, where the train would go by his window and the entire house would shake. It is a bit eerie when things like this happen, kind of like picking up the phone to call someone and they're already on the other end of the line, you and Claudia definitely are synced up this week for sure. Great write Tash, really enjoyed the ch-ch-ch check:)

  14. Great poem, love the title! Love the part about how the rumble follows you, and how far the whistle can travel. What a trip that you wrote it before knowing of the prompt – a psychic poet connection!

  15. Such feeling in your words. "But sometimeswhen I'm feeling lonely, overworkedstressed out and missing my penI lose myself in memories"I do this, too 🙂

  16. Your write was just like being on your porch. Realistic and well written. Train whistles were always a thrill when we were young. I think every town used to have trains run through. Not anymore.

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